Administrative Staff 

Dr. Marcia Nahikian-Nelms, Director of Academic Affairs
(614) 292-4758

Dr. Ajit Chaudhari, Director of Diversity and Inclusion
(614) 292-0558

Dr. Mandy Agnew, Director of PhD Program, Chair of Graduate Studies 

Lynn Howell, Director of Marketing & Strategic Communications
(614) 366-2672

Maureen Braughton, Office Associate (Purchasing & Travel)
(614) 685-0243

Adam Clouser, Assistant to the Director of HRS
(614) 247-4217

Sadie Coles, Assistant to the Director of Research & Contract Specialist
(614) 366-4559

Felisa Dukes, Personnel Technician
(614) 292-5826

Michael Hoffer, Digital Marketing Coordinator
(614) 366-9795

Alice Shi, Fiscal Officer
(614) 292-3597

Bruce Noskowiak, Senior System Consultant
(614) 685-1560

Christopher Brown,
Office Associate (OT, RT, Rad Sci and IHIS)
(614) 688-2081

Toby Whitehead, Office Associate (PT, MLS, School Event Planning)
(614) 292-5922


Student Services Staff

Direct Line: (614) 292-1706

Lisa Terek, Director of Student Services

Allison Breitfeller, Admission Coordinator

Breanna Falb, Pre-Major Advisor

Christie Lukegord, Health Sciences Program Manager

Ashley McCabe, Graduate Program Manager

Jenna Russell, Health Sciences Major Advisor

Dionna Sims, Student Recruiter and Career Services Coordinator

Samantha Walter, Academic Advisor 

Kelli Williams, Office Administrative Associate

Laboratory Staff

Lab Staff by PI

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