Administrative Staff 

Dr. Marcia Nahikian-Nelms, Director of Academic Affairs
(614) 292-4758

Dr. Ajit Chaudhari, Director of Diversity and Inclusion
(614) 292-0558

Dr. Mandy Agnew, Director of PhD Program, Chair of Graduate Studies 

Lynn Howell, Director of Marketing & Strategic Communications
(614) 366-2672

Maureen Braughton, Office Associate (Purchasing & Travel)
(614) 685-0243

Adam Clouser, Assistant to the Director of HRS
(614) 247-4217

Sadie Coles, Assistant to the Director of Research & Contract Specialist
(614) 366-4559

Felisa Dukes, Personnel Technician
(614) 292-5826

Michael Hoffer, Digital Marketing Coordinator
(614) 366-9795

Alice Shi, Fiscal Officer
(614) 292-3597

Bruce Noskowiak, Senior System Consultant
(614) 685-1560

Christopher Brown, Office Associate (OT, RT, Rad Sci and IHIS)
(614) 688-2081

Taylor Scurlock, Office Associate (Health Science, HIMS, Med Diet, IRBC and CANVAS)
(614) 292-5922

Toby Whitehead, Office Associate (PT, MLS, School Event Planning)
(614) 292-5922


Student Services Staff

Direct Line: (614) 292-1706

Lisa Terek, Director

Allison Breitfeller, Admission Coordinator

Breanna Falb, Pre-Major Advisor

Christie Lukegord, Health Sciences Advisor

Jenna Russell, Health Sciences Major Advisor

Dionna Sims, Student Recruiter and Career Services Coordinator

Caitlin Welsh, Pre-Major Advisor

Laboratory Staff

Lab Staff by PI

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