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Rachael Bican 724x840

Rachel Bican

"My favorite academic experiences in HRS have been my clinical experiences. I have gone on to complete my DPT and the friendships I have made along the way. These experiences and the people I have met have changed my life forever.

This scholarship has allowed me to be fully dedicated to my DPT/PhD and has allowed me to include additional, once-in-a-lifetime experiences into my education including the service learning trip to Merida, Mexico and completing my practicum in a research lab in Lille, France. I am so grateful for this scholarship and the opportunities it has given me! Thank you!!"

Karen Thatcher 724x840

Karen Thatcher

"I sustained many injuries while growing up as an ice hockey player. Each injury brought with it a subsequent course of Physical Therapy. I soon recognized that when I was connected with a truly passionate Physical Therapist I not only recovered more quickly, but I felt better emotionally and even performed better. These dedicated Physical Therapists made an enormous difference in my life. It was their influence that drove me to pursue Physical Therapy so I may help others in the same manner."

Julia Mazzaralla 724x840

Julia Mazzarella

Hometown: Columbia, CT

"I was interested in pursuing a dual degree (DPT/PhD), and OSU was one of the few schools that offers this. I met my advisor, Dr. Jill Heathcock, and decided it was a great fit! For me, this scholarship means that I have the time I need to pursue both of my degrees simultaneously, and spend time working toward my goal of doing an inter-departmental research project on hippotherapy as part of my dissertation."

Donate Online

Donate Online

Donate online to the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Donate to The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

  • Fund Number: 302431
  • Provides unrestricted support to the School of Allied Medical Professionals as allocated by the Director

School of Allied Medicine General Scholarship Fund

  • Fund Number: 311824
  • Supports General Scholarships in The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences for Student in any of the Various Divisions as Allocated by Director

The School of Allied Medical Professions Alumni Scholarship Fund

  • Fund Number: 600057
  • Established June 5, 2009 with gifts from; the Allied Medical Professions Alumni Society, alumni, and friends of Allied Medical Professions used to provide academic merit or financial need-based undergraduate and graduate scholarships for students enrolled in the School of Health and Rehabiliation Sciences with preference be given to students who exemplify leadership and service to the school, and who are engaged in active leadership roles in organizations serving the School

School of Allied Medical Professions Endowment Fund

  • Fund Number: 600096
  • Established June 4, 1976, by alumni, friends and faculty. Income and principal, if needed, fund equipment, publication costs, travel, research, secretarial assistance and other activities enhancing educational objectives.

The Linda M. Cummins Simpson Research Endowment Fund in Allied Health Therapies for Mobility and ADLs 

  • Fund Number: 666614
  • Established February 6, 2009 with gifts in memory of Linda M. Cummins from Phyllis Cummins, Donald Dyche, friends, and family; used to support research in the School of Allied Medical Professions focusing on allied health therapies for mobility and activities of daily living (ADL’s).
Donate to individual programs or funds

Donate to individual programs or funds

Please select from the individual programs or funds below

Health Information Management Systems

Donate to Health Information Management Systems

  • Fund Number: 307983 
  • Supports Programs in Health Information Management and Systems, Including Education, Research, Training, Equipment Needs, and Lectureships

Health Sciences

Donate to Injury Biomechanics Research Center (IBRC)

  • Fund Number: 314989
  • Supports multi-disciplinary research, education, training, symposium outreach and other activities related to mission of Injury Biomechanics Research Center (IBRC) on risk, prevention and mechanism of human injury and related human behavior to prevent injury, within focused areas of Injury Biomechanics, Skeletal Biology, Child Injury Prevention, including but not limited to: car safety, sports injuries, traumatic brain injury (TBI), helmet safety, high-energy impact/crash testing, skeletal health, fracture risk, etc.

Medical Dietetics

Medical Dietetics Fund

  • Fund Number: 307894
  • Provides unrestricted support for Medical Dietetics

E. W. Ingram Foundation Scholarship Fund

  • Fund Number: 301659
  • For School of Medical Dietetics School of Allied Medical Professions

Barbara Lynn Fisher Bott Endowed Scholarship Fund

  • Fund Number: 660677
  • Established December 8, 2006, by Kevin Neal Bott, family and friends in her memory through The Foundation. Distribution supports merit and need-based scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students in the Medical Dietetics Division of the School of Allied Medical Professions.

The M. Rosita Schiller Scholarship in Medical Dietetics

  • Fund Number: 606386
  • Established June 6, 2008 with gifts from alumni, family and friends in honor of Dr. M. Rosita Schiller; used to support scholarships for undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in the Division of Medical Dietetics of the School of Allied Medical Professions.

Martha Nelson Lewis Lecture Fund

  • Fund Number: 604171
  • Established July 21, 1978, by friends and associates. Income and principal, if needed, support a lecture series on nutrition.

Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Laboratory Science Technology Fund

  • Fund Number: 308045
  • Provides unrestricted support for Medical Technology

Medical Laboratory Science Laboratory Enhancement Fund

  • Fund Number: 311666
  • Upgrading Facilities and Equipment in the Medical Technology Teaching Laboratory in SHRS

Marjorie Stuber Flanagan Endowed Resource Fund

  • Fund Number: 642240
  • Established June 3, 2016, with gifts from Marjorie Stuber Flanagan (BS 1967); used for the operational, educational and clinical needs of the Division of Medical Laboratory Science in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences in the College of Medicine.

The Janet Kay Wilson Endowed Scholarship Fund in Medical Technology (Medical Laboratory Science)

  • Fund Number: 647644
  • Established February 11, 2011 with gifts from the estate of Janet Kay Wilson and from Kathi Wilson in honor and memory of Janet Kay Wilson; used to support scholarships for undergraduate students enrolled in the Division of Medical Technology (Medical Laboratory Science) in the School of Allied Medical Professions (Health and Rehabilitation Sciences).

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Fund

  • Fund Number: 307892
  • Provides unrestricted support to Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Fund for Clinical Education & Technology

  • Fund Number: 312049
  • Supports Renovation, Improvements, Technology Acquisition in Occupational Therapy Clinical Education Laboratory

Dr. Jane Case-Smith Occupational Therapy Endowed Scholarship Fund

  • Fund Number: 641170
  • Established June 5, 2015, with gifts given from family, friends, colleagues, alumni and students in memory of Dr. Jane Case-Smith; and made in honor of her role as an educator and division leader in Occupational Therapy; used to provide scholarships to students majoring in occupational therapy.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Fund
  • Fund Number: 307895
  • Provides unrestricted support to Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Laboratory Renovation & Support Fund 

  • Fund Number: 311372
  • Supports Physical Therapy instructional Labs to include but not Limited to Renovation and Remodeling, ongoing Maintenance and Equipment Upgrades

Physical Therapy Service Learning/Global Health Outreach Fund

  • Fund Number: 314865
  • Provides current use support for participation of doctorate physical therapy students in global health outreach programs to underserved populations, mainly outside of U.S., when part of the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program: required service learning course, practicum, or clinical education. To be eligible, students must be enrolled and in good standing with the PT Division. Students practicing with underserved communities in the U.S. may be considered only if international territories are no longer part of the PT Division program. Selection of students and allocation of funds shall be determined and approved by director of PT Division in conjunction with lead global health course faculty member and in consultation with director of HRS.

Clarence and Mina Marburger Farbizo Family Scholarship Fund in Physical Therapy

  • Fund Number: 642112
  • Established June 3, 2016, with gifts from Neva Farbizo Greenwald (BS 1959, BS 1960) of Flowood, Mississippi; used to provide OSC scholarships. First-time recipients shall be enrolled in the Physical Therapy (PT) program in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (HRS), pursuing a doctorate degree in this field. Selection shall be based on academic merit or financial need with first preference given to students from Tuscarawas County, Ohio or New Philadelphia, Ohio and second preference to candidate(s) from the State of Ohio.

Radiologic Sciences

Radiologic Technology Fund

  • Fund Number: 307893
  • Provides unrestricted support to Radiologic Technology

Sonography Scholarship Fund 

  • Fund Number: 315041
  • Provides renewable merit or need based scholarships to Sonography students in Division of Radiologic Sciences & Therapy in School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences (HRS).

Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory Therapy Fund

  • Fund Number: 308046
  • Provides unrestricted support to Respiratory Therapy

The Respiratory Therapy Scholarship Fund

  • Fund Number: 646030
  • Established March 2, 2007 with gifts from Robert Charles Hawk and friends and supporters of the Division of Respiratory Therapy; used to support scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the Division of Respiratory Therapy in the School of Allied Medical Professions who are intent on pursuing a respiratory therapy career.

Donate by mail

Donate by mail by sending gifts to the:

The Ohio State University Foundation
1480 W. Lane Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43221

Checks may be made out to "The Ohio State University Foundation". Please designate in the memo line which fund and the fund number from the links above.

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