Our graduates help physicians target the care patients need.

The field of medical imaging has never been more promising. Today's advanced technology allows imaging professionals to provide more precise test results that in turn improve patients’ lives with more accurate diagnoses. Additionally the use of targeted radiation therapy can treat and potentially eliminate disease.

Ohio State's Radiologic Sciences and Therapy Program was designed to train those professionals needed in the healthcare industry. Our bachelor's degree program is unlike other training as it combines freshman and sophomore general courses with the specializations and clinical practice that makes our graduates more marketable.

Radiologic Sciences and Therapy at a glance:

  • Ohio State’s Sonography and Radiation Therapy programs are ranked 3rd and 4th in the nation
  • Three different degree tracks to fit your needs: Radiography, Sonography and Radiation Therapy
  • Individualized attention - class and lab sizes range from 10-20 students
  • Unmatched clinical preparation with over 1600 hours of clinical experience
  • Wide variety of clinical sites across Central Ohio
  • Since 2010, all of our programs had a 100% job placement rate

Three degree tracks to fit your interests

The Radiologic Sciences and Therapy program at Ohio State offer three distinct degree tracks: radiation therapy, which is used to treat disease with concentrated beams of radiation; radiography, that provides diagnostic tests through X-Rays, CT scans and MRIs; and diagnostic medical sonography, which is more commonly known as 'ultrasound technology.

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Clinical Fieldwork gives you practical experience

We have more than 30 different clinical sites scattered across central Ohio for clinical internships, including urban and rural hospitals, ambulatory imaging centers and private clinics. This clinical practice, in addition to classroom work, provides real life experiences and makes our grads more competitive.

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All the advantages of a large school, but with a personal touch

As a radiologic sciences student at Ohio State you’ll have all the benefits of being at a renowned medical and research center combined with the personal attention that comes from our small class sizes. Your professors will know you by name and you’ll receive a lot of individual attention.

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A job sector that's rapidly growing

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, jobs in the radiologic sector are growing faster than the average. Radiation therapy jobs are expected to increase by 14%, radiography by 9 %and sonography by a whopping 24%. Salary estimates for these positions run upwards of $63,000 annually.

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