What is the GE?

For students who have taken only semester courses at Ohio State. The General Education (GE) at The Ohio State University is a set of courses designed to explore students to a breadth of topics, most of which fall outside of the student's major course of study. Many GE courses overlap with the prerequisites for all HRS programs.

What is the purpose of the GE?

Ohio State’s General Education (GE) is an integral part of an Ohio State education. General Education provides the development of knowledge, perception, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand society’s traditions and past, its accomplishments and aspirations, its relation and responsibility to the natural world, its diversity and plurality, and its problems and needs. The goal is for students to attain a sense of self within society that invites a continuing desire and ability to learn and work with others for future realization of the human potential.

Click here to view the complete GE for undergraduate students in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences who began taking courses in semesters and will graduate in semesters.

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