What is the General Education (GE)?

The General Education (GE) at The Ohio State University is a set of courses designed to explore students to a breadth of topics, most of which fall outside of the student's major course of study. Many GE courses overlap with the prerequisites for all HRS programs.

Revisions to the GE

Ohio State is implementing a new General Education (GEN) program that will be followed by students whose first enrollment term is Autumn 2022 or later with some exceptions. GE requirements for current students (that is, students who first enrolled prior to Autumn 2022) will not change, and they will continue to complete the GE program that was in effect when they first enrolled — now called the Legacy GE (GEL). 

Why is the change important?

The revisions to the GE requirements are intentionally designed to integrate a broad-based, core education that envelopes multiple disciplines, enhances a student's major program, and inspires critical thinking and innovation. The goal is for students to develop an understanding of their role in society that inspires a long-lasting desire to learn and to work with others to create a brighter future.

General Education Requirements

New GE (GEN) Course List (for students entering OSU Autumn 2022 or later with some exceptions) 

Legacy GE (GEL) Course List (for students who entered OSU prior to Autumn 2022)

Transfer Students

  • Transfer students who have been working toward transitioning to Ohio State and will enter the university between the Autumn 2022 and Summer 2024 sessions will need to work with their HRS advisor to make this decision and file a petition to opt into the Legacy GE.

How to find approved GE courses

  • Students can complete a class search to find approved GEN and GEL courses. Course descriptions are available in the Ohio State Course Catalog at courses.osu.edu; a course will fulfill a requirement for the GE category listed as Class Attributes in the course description. When searching and registering for classes, students can find GE classes by using the search filter General Education (New) or General Education (Legacy).

HRS Degree Requirements

Students can choose from many different HRS undergraduate programs, certificates and minors at Ohio State. To fulfill the requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences degree in HRS, students will take courses in the following areas:

  • Prerequisites
  • Corequisites (if applicable)
  • GE Courses
  • Major Courses
  • Certificate/Minor Courses, if applicable

To review required course lists needed to fulfill the requirements of an HRS undergraduate programs, please select the appropriate curriculum guide on our HRS curriculum guide website.

Successful completion of a BSHRS degree requires a minimum Ohio State cumulative GPA of a 2.2 and successful completion of all coursework as outlined in the program’s student handbook. You will complete the minimum credit hours of coursework required for each program, this includes completing 30 credits at Ohio State.

Additional Resources

Learn about the General Education at Ohio State, please visit the Office of Undergraduate Education

To learn about Academic Advising at Ohio State, please visit the Office of Student Academic Success