The information below is for students admitted to their respective programs.

141studentsheroStudents admitted to professional study in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences need to complete several requirements to be eligible to begin professional coursework in the School. Admitted students should print and read the following documents, and make arrangements to complete requirements as soon as possible.

Letters from the Director...

Helpful Resources for Students

Helpful Resources for Students

Transfer of License to Another State

After graduation, throughout your career, if you move to another state, you will need to have the program certify your graduation. Each state has its own requirements. Presently and for the foreseeable future, the process is generally similar. Most likely, you will have the registrar of the university send your transcript to the new state and the program director HRS either write a letter or complete a form certifying to the new state that you completed the program satisfactorily. Often these must be sent directly to the board, but individual state procedures vary. In addition, the state in which you are licensed would be asked to verify your license to the new state.

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