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Director of Clinical Education for Radiography

Instructor Practice

Phone: 614-366-0747



It is a tremendous sign of growth that we have been approved to add a new faculty position dedicated to teaching Vascular Interventional Radiography.  It is even more exciting to have Austin Brady take this position with his extensive clinical experience in Interventional Radiography.   Austin was born and raised in New York state and came to Ohio State for college.  Austin is a 2011 graduate of our Radiography program where he specialized in Vascular Interventional Radiography.  After graduation, he was immediately hired by the Medical Center.  As a student in our program, Austin had classroom instruction from Terri Bruckner, PhD, RT(R) (CV) and clinicals in the Interventional lab.  Once Dr. Bruckner retired, we have not had a faculty member with this clinical background so our ability to offer this specialization has been extremely limited.  Austin is very excited to help us revive this portion of our program and to expand his instruction by also teaching in the Vascular Technology program with Dr. Evans.  Together Brady & Evans will provide a hybrid classroom that allows both Radiography and Sonography students to master content together.   Austin is also interested in pursuing a Master’s degree so that will be a future plan for 2019.

Austin will also be working with Allison Stokes to assist with Radiographic position labs and add more detail in the Patient Care course. 

Austin is a new father so this change in his career will allow him to spend more time with his family.

Courses Taught

  • RST 5589 – Vascular Interventional Radiography Practicum I
  • RST 5589- Vascular Interventional Radiography Practicum II
  • RST 4520 – Vascular Technology I
  • RST 4521 – Vascular Technology II
  • RST 4615 – Radiographic Clinical Correlations
  • RST 3310 – Introduction to Radiologic Sciences (Patient Care)


  • 2011: Graduate of the OSU Radiography program –specializing in Vascular Interventional Radiography