Cunningham Bailey 825x990Overview

Assistant Professor - Practice

Division of Occupational Therapy
406K Atwell Hall
453 W. 10th Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43210

Professional Areas of Interest

  • Infant feeding
  • Pediatric feeding, swallowing, and oral motor skill development
  • Seating and positioning
  • Early Mobilization


Bailey Cunningham worked for Nationwide Children's Hospital (NCH) from 2017 to August of 2023. In her time at Nationwide Children's, Bailey gained experience treating patients in many areas of the hospital, including, but not limited to, the CTICU, Pulmonary ICU, and Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Clinic. She has also completed her feeding competency, seating and positioning competency, and assisted with Video Swallow Studies. Bailey previously worked as a lecturer at The Ohio State University in the Occupational Therapy division as a part time academic fieldwork coordinator in 2018/2019. Bailey worked in the Comprehensive Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Program at NCH as a Feeding Therapist in the Intensive Feeding Program from 2022-2023.Courses Taught



OTD, Doctor of Occupational Therapy, Creighton University

Bachelor of Applied Health Science, Bowling Green State University