Division Director, Medical Laboratory Science
Associate Professor - Clinical

535 Atwell Hall
453 W. 10th Ave.
Columbus OH 43210

Phone: 614-366-7665

Primary Professional Areas of Interest

  • Infectious Diseases
  • Immunology
  • Public Health Microbiology

Recent Research

Miller C., D. Stephens, A. Stark, F. Racke, A. McFaddin, H. Breindenbach, H.J. Lin, K. Waller, T. Bannerman, J. Jones, J. Woyach, L. Andritsos, K. Maddocks, J. Zhao, G. Lozanski, J. Flynn, M. Grever, J. 

Byrd, and N. Heerema. "Jumping translocations, a novel finding in chronic lymphocytic leukemia." BRITISH JOURNAL OF HAEMATOLOGY (Published online April 2015; Published in print July 2015) Vol 170(2):200-207.

Wang, S.-H., K. B. Stevenson, J. R. Mediavilla, L. Hines, Y. Khan, R. Soni, E. Brandt, T. Bannerman, B. N. Kreiswirth, and P. Pancholi. "Evaluation of repetitive element-polymerase chain reaction for surveillance of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus at a large academic medical center and community hospitals." DIAGNOSTIC MICROBIOLOGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES (Published online May 2014; Published in print January 2015) Vol. 81, no. 1:13-17.

Recent Presentations

Bannerman, Tammy. “Ebola: The Next Threat to Public Health in the United States” Presented at TIIMS Meeting. (February 2015) Cleveland, OH

Bannerman, Tammy. “Hot Topics in Public Health Microbiology”. Presented at 2014 Ohio Collaborative Laboratory Conference. (May 2014) Columbus, OH

Courses Taught

  • MEDLBS 5000/5005, Medical Laboratory Microbiology I
  • MEDLBS 5100/5105, Medical Laboratory Microbiology II
  • MEDLBS 5200, Medical Laboratory Immunology


  • 1988: B.S., Biology, North Carolina State University
  • 1993: Ph.D., Microbiology, North Carolina State University

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