Robinson Monica 825x990Overview

Associate Professor, Clinical

406B Atwell Hall
453 W. 10th Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43210

Phone: (614) 292-1608


Primary Professional Areas of Interest

  • Health and public  policy
  • Clinical education through simulation & interprofessional collaboration
  • Aging and caregiving
  • Telehealth 
Research Focus

A primary goal of health care professionals is to provide client centered effective quality care while being cognizant of efficacy and costs. Most health care providers however lack the appreciation of the significant impact and influence public and health policies play in achieving these goals. Dr. Robinson’s research interests include examining how policy impacts practice and reimbursement through the analysis of current and emerging reimbursement policies and systems. Specific areas of practice interests include aging, caregiving, mental health, and telehealth.

As a Clinical Associate Professor, Dr. Robinson also researches the use of simulations in education to bridge the gap between the classroom and the clinic. She participates in collaborative research as a member of the Education for Clinical Interprofessional Simulation Excellence Program; a collaborative program designed for undergraduate and graduate/professional students from ten disciplines to participate in collaborative patient care through   patient – provider team based simulations. This program and other experiences provide opportunities for students to interact and work together to care for complex simulated patients. The overarching goals of the interprofessional or occupational therapy only simulations is to practice and improve clinical skills, client-centered approach to care, teamwork, communication skills, and facilitate a better understanding of various professional roles.

Recent Publications

Robinson, M., Fisher, T. F., & Broussard, K. (2016). Role of occupational therapy in case management and care coordination for clients with complex conditions. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 70(2), 7002090010p7002090011- 7002090010p7002090016. doi: 10.5014/ajot.2016.702001

Robinson, M.& Brown, R. (2010). Meeting the needs of the client who is not homebound. Home health & community AOTA Special Interest Section, 17(1), 1-4.

Robinson, M., & Berner, T. F. (2009). OT Practice Featured Article:  Power mobility safety assessment in facilities. OT Practice, 14(17), 9 - 13.

Recent Presentations

Rohrig, L. , Legg, J.,  Liston, B.,  Nahikian-Nelms, M., Robinson, M., Sergakis, G., & Thomas, E, Presenter. “Education for Clinical Interprofessional Simulation Excellence Program (ECLIPSE).” Presented at International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare: 2017 Conference, Patients the Heart of Simulation. Orlando, FL (January, 2017).

Kohl, K., Gorman, K., Kennedy, V., & Robinson, M., Poster. “Role of Occupational Therapy in Human Trafficking”. American Occupational Therapy Annual Conference & Expo 2016: Evidence & outcomes: Empowering the Profession. Chicago, IL (April 2016).

Robinson, M., Keynote Presentation. “Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future: We Are Already There”. Connecticut Occupational Therapy Association 2015 Annual Conference. Hartford, CT (March 2015).

Major Awards

  • 2009: American Occupational Therapy Association’s Roster of Fellows – FAOTA "Exemplary Contributions to Leadership, Mentoring, and Adocacy"
  • 2009: Boston University - Outstanding Alumni Award
  • 2009: San Jose State University - Distinguished Alumni Award
  • 2008: Ohio OT Association Presidential Passion Award
  • 2007: Ohio OT Association: Merit, Continuing Education & Service Awards 

Courses Taught

Occupational Therapy:

  • OCCTHER 700 - Introduction to Occupational Therapy
  • OCCTHER 711 - Functional Group Dynamics in Occupational
  • OCCTHER 712 - Occupational Development Across the Life Span and Life Events
  • OCCTHER 713 - Occupational Therapy and Task Analysis
  • OCCTHER 714 - Foundation of Occupational Therapy Practice
  • OCCTHER 742 - Occupational Therapy in Mental Health II
  • OCCTHER 748 - Occupational Therapy in Gerontology
  • OCCTHER 752 - Planning and Management of Occupational Therapy Services
  • OCCTHER 793 - Individual Studies (3.00) [Falls in Older Adults]
  • OCCTHER 793 - Individual Studies (3.00) [Leadership]
  • OCCTHER 6110 - Occupational Therapy Foundations & Theory
  • OCCTHER 6120 - Occupation in Life and Community
  • OCCTHER 6130 - Occupational Therapy Introductory Practicum
  • OCCTHER 6140 - Occupational Therapy Process
  • OCCTHER 6189 - Level I Fieldwork in Mental Health
  • OCCTHER 6220 - Mental and Cognitive Function: Evaluation and Treatment
  • OCCTHER 7189 - Occupational Therapy Fieldwork II
  • OCCTHER 7420 - Management and Leadership
  • OCCTHER 7260 - Occupational Therapy for Older Adults
  • OCCTHER 7280 - Advanced Topics in Geriatrics

School of Health and Rehabilitation:

  • ALLIMED 601 Death, Loss and Grief from Multiple Perspectives
  • ALLIMED 760S (Service Learning) SAMP: Service Learning in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
  • ALLIMED 889.01 - Practicum: Educational [Global Health Practicum-Belize]
  • HTHRHSC 4370 - Community and Policy Influence in Health Care
  • HTHRHSC 5600 - Global Aging
  • HTHRHSC 5610 - Death, Loss, and Grief in Multiple
  • HTHRHSC 7650S - Interdisciplinary Case Studies in Clinical Gerontology
  • HTHRHSC 7620 Aging, Accessibility, and Design


  • 1985: BS, Occupational Therapy, Boston University
  • 2006: MS, Advanced Practice Occupational Therapy, San Jose State University
  • 2015: OTD, Clinical Doctorate of Occupational Therapy, Chatham University