Associate Professor of Physical Therapy, Orthopedics, Mechanical Engineering,
and Biomedical Engineering
SHRS Director of Diversity and Inclusion

516G Atwell Hall
453 W. 10th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

Phone: (614) 292-0558 (Office)
Phone: (614) 293-2409 (Lab)
Email: Chaudhari.2@osu.edu

Primary Professional Areas of Interest

  • Biomechanics
  • Prevention and Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal Injury and Disease in Sports, Orthopaedics, Oncology, and Amputation
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Research Focus

Dr. Chaudhari’s research focuses on the basic question: Can we better understand how movement-related injuries and diseases happen by studying the human body as a mechanical system? 

Dr. Chaudhari is interested in the role of core stability in the prevention and treatment of injuries across the entire body, the mechanisms behind overuse running and throwing injuries, and the effects of chemotherapy, osteoarthritis, total knee arthroplasty and lower extremity amputation on gait and balance.

Recent Research

Blazek, A.D., Nam, J., Gupta, R., Pradhan, M., Perera, P., Weisleder, N.L., Hewett, T.E., Chaudhari, A.M., Lee, B.S., Leblebicioglu, B., Butterfield, T.A., Agarwal, S., 2016. Exercise-driven metabolic pathways in healthy cartilage. Osteoarthritis and cartilage 24, 1210-1222.

Caruthers, E.J., Thompson, J.A., Chaudhari, A.M., Schmitt, L.C., Best, T.M., Saul, K.R., Siston, R.A., 2016. Muscle Forces and Their Contributions to Vertical and Horizontal Acceleration of the Center of Mass During Sit-to-Stand Transfer in Young, Healthy Adults. J Appl Biomech 32, 487-503.

Cotter, J.A., Jamison, S.T., Schloemer, S.A., Chaudhari, A.M., 2016. Do Neuromuscular Dentistry-Designed Mouthguards Enhance Dynamic Movement Ability in Competitive Athletes? J Strength Cond Res, ePub available online.

Everhart, J.S., Chaudhari, A.M., Flanigan, D.C., 2016. Creation of a simple distal femur morphology classification system. Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society 34, 924-931.

Everhart, J.S., Flanigan, D.C., Chaudhari, A.M., Siston, R.A., 2016. Tibiofemoral joint subchondral surface conformity: Individual variability with race and sex-specific trends. The Knee 23, 770-776.

Freisinger, G.M., Hutter, E.E., Lewis, J., Granger, J.F., Glassman, A.H., Beal, M.D., Pan, X., Schmitt, L.C., Siston, R.A., Chaudhari, A.M., 2016. Relationships between varus-valgus laxity of the severely osteoarthritic knee and gait, instability, clinical performance, and function. Journal of orthopaedic research, ePub available online.

Freisinger, G.M., Schmitt, L.C., Wanamaker, A.B., Siston, R.A., Chaudhari, A.M., 2016. Tibiofemoral Osteoarthritis and Varus-Valgus Laxity. The journal of knee surgery, ePub available online.

Monfort, S.M., Pan, X., Patrick, R., Singaravelu, J., Loprinzi, C.L., Lustberg, M.B., Chaudhari, A.M., 2016. Natural history of postural instability in breast cancer patients treated with taxane-based chemotherapy: A pilot study. Gait Posture 48, 237-242.

Raabe, M.E., Chaudhari, A.M., 2016. An investigation of jogging biomechanics using the full-body lumbar spine model: Model development and validation. J Biomech 49, 1238-1243.

Thoma, L.M., McNally, M.P., Chaudhari, A.M., Flanigan, D.C., Best, T.M., Siston, R.A., Schmitt, L.C., 2016. Muscle co-contraction during gait in individuals with articular cartilage defects in the knee. Gait Posture 48, 68-73.

Recent Presentations

Chaudhari AMW, Umberger, BR. Insights on Sports Injury and Prevention from Musculoskeletal Simulation. American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting. Boston, MA; June 2, 2016.

Onate J, Starkel C, Borchers J, Chaudhari A, Clifton D, Comstock D, Cortes N, Grooms D, Hertel J, McNally M, Miller M, Pan X, Schussler E, Van Lunen B, Best TM. Injury History Predicts Musculoskeletal Lower Extremity Injury Risk in High School Athletes: The FPPE Project. American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting. Boston, MA; June 1, 2016.

Grooms DR, Chaudhari AMW, Page SJ, Nichols-Larsen D, White SE, Onate JA. The Brain-Behavior Relationship After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting. Boston, MA; June 3, 2016.

Courses Taught

  • Physical Therapy 7235 - Biomechanics for Physical Therapy
  • Physical Therapy 8998 – Research Practicum for First-Year DPT Students
  • Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 7900 - Evidence Based Practice I: Critical Analysis of Measurement and Diagnostic Tests
  • Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 7910 – Evidence Based Practice 2: Critical Analysis of Intervention Research and Systematic Reviews
  • Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 7795 – Instrumentation for Quantifying Movement and Muscle Function in Clinical Practice and Research 


  • 1996: BS, Biological Sciences and Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University
  • 1997: MS, Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University
  • 2003: Doctor of Philosophy, Mechanical Engineering, Stanford university
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My Research Links

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