Associate Professor

3017 Graves Hall
333 W. 10th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

Phone: 614-366-7584
Email: yunseok.kang@osumc.edu

Primary Professional Areas of Interest

  • Injury Biomechanics
  • Instrumentation Technique Development
  • Multibody Kinematics and Dynamics

Research Focus

Dr. Yun Seok Kang is an associate professor in the Division of Health Sciences, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences in the College of Medicine at The Ohio State University.  He is the director of the Injury Biomechanics Research Lab (IBRL) in the Injury Biomechanics Research Center (IBRC).  IBRL investigates the biomechanical responses of the human body to impact by using experimental and FE modeling techniques for high-energy impacts.

Dr. Kang’s research in the injury biomechanics field specifically focuses on investigating human injury tolerance and assessing how well anthropomorphic test devices (ATD) replicate the response of a human (i.e., biofidelity of ATD) in motor vehicle crashes and sports activities.  He has become an expert in quantifying the response of human body, identifying the mechanisms of human injury, and defining injury tolerances using post-mortem human subjects (PMHS) by applying the principles of mechanics to injuries of the human body in severe impacts.

Dr. Kang has been funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the National Science Foundation through the Center for Child Injury Prevention Studies (CChIPS), and Infoscitex.  He has been serving as the Principal Investigator on 13 research projects (6 on-going projects) as well as the co-investigator on 9 research projects, all which take place in IBRC.  His current research topics are: 

  • “Whiplash trauma in rear-ended impacts” 
  • “Subdural hematoma injury in head rotation” 
  • “Head instrumentation technique” 
  • “ATD prototype development”
  • “Evaluation of safety system for child injury prevention”
  • “Thorax and rib biomechanics” 
  • “Abdomen biomechanics”

Course Taught

  • Advanced Topics in Injury Biomechanics


  • PhD Mechanical Engineering, The Ohio State University, August 2001
  • MS Automotive Engineering, Kookmin University, March 2005
  • BS Mechanical and Automative Engineering, Kookmin University, March 2003