Hunter 825x990Overview

Assistant Professor - Clinical,
Division of Radiologic Sciences & Therapy

Research Faculty in the Injury Biomechanics Research Center

Phone: 614-366-7767


Dr. Hunter joined our faculty after she graduated from Ohio State with a PhD focused on skeletal anatomy.  Randee has an exciting background that makes her a perfect fit for our Radiologic Sciences faculty.  Randee is a 2006 graduate of the St. Louis University School of Nuclear Medicine, where she distinguished herself by earning Latin honors and a minor in French.  Like many of our own past students, she completed an undergraduate thesis titled: Variation in molecular imaging standards of practice between the United States and England.  Randee went on to earn the NTCB credential in Nuclear Medicine and practiced as a staff technologist in Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging.

Eager for higher education, Randee was interested in graduate education and applied to Ohio State to study Biological Anthropology.  She graduated in 2010 with her MA and quickly returned to start her doctoral studies.; Dr. Hunter's dissertation was titled: Variation in cortical osteocytic lacunar density and distribution: Implications for bone quality assessment. She has been actively involved in teaching, throughout her career and is anxious to continue her teaching across both anatomy and medical imaging. Recently she served as an adjunct instructor in the Biological & Environmental Sciences Department at Capital University. We know that Dr. Hunter will be a wonderful mentor for some of our honors and distinction students that want to get involved in research experiences. Dr. Hunter will be teaching Sectional Anatomy and Radiologic Physics for the Division and continue her post-Doctoral research in Dr. Amanda Agnew’s laboratory in Graves Hall.