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How do I...

Find my course schedule and room assignment?

Sign onto Buckeye Link (using your OSU “dot” number):  Faculty center will have your courses listed by each semester.  

Get my class roster?

Sign onto Buckeye Link (using your OSU “dot” number):  Faculty center will have your courses listed by each semester.  

Order textbooks for my class?

OSU uses Barnes and Noble for ordering textbooks for your course.  You can complete this for each course here:  You can create a faculty account that will then be linked to the courses for which you are the designated instructor.  

Order a desk copy for my textbook?

Office associates for each division can request desk copies of your required textbooks or you can contact the publisher directly if you have adopted that book for your course.

Reserve a room for a meeting or class?

Classrooms for each course are assigned based on the course enrollment.  Faculty should not request a particular room as rooms are coordinated through the medical center and cannot be changed. If a room is needed outside of course times, Amy Kennedy in the Academic Affairs office can assist in locating a room.  Access to the classroom uses the medical center ID.  Your ID will need to be coded by the IT office in HRS.  Computers in each classroom use your individual log-on name and password.

ALL room reservations must be made through Amy Kennedy ( Please access  prior to your request for availability.  Amy will submit your desired days and times and will send back to you your confirmation with reservation number.  If you are holding a meeting in a room outside of your regularly scheduled class time, you may use the link to confirm the space is reserved.  Any parties using a room without confirmation may be asked to leave if it has not gone through this process and another party has reservations for the space.  Conference rooms 116 and 228 are scheduled through Maureen Braughton (

Learn about CANVAS?

ODEE provides extensive information about CarmenCanvas:

The College of Medicine Educational Technology also assists with CarmenCanvas design and assistance:

Learn about teaching online?

Office of Distance Education and eLearning

Where Can I Find...

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar for the university is maintained by the registrar’s office;  It can be found here:

Curriculum Guides for HRS Majors

These are accessed from the HRS webpage for each program under the curriculum tab.

Final Exam Schedule

Forms for course enrollment permission/adding/dropping a course

Graduate School Handbook

Student Handbooks

Syllabus Template

HRS syllabus template is found in the HRS Curriculum Guide

Syllabus Upload for the university:

The university requests that all syllabi submitted for student access.

Documents should be submitted before enrollment begins. Enrollment windows open for terms as follows:

- Autumn: March 1st

- Spring: October 1st

- Summer: February 1st

 In addition, HRS requests that all syllabi be sent to academic affairs at the beginning of each semester. Please send to

Thesis and Dissertation Preparation

Where can I get more information about...

Faculty Governance

The University Office of Academic Affairs provides all official documentation for faculty governance.

Graduate Faculty Membership

Teaching Resources

The Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing provides information about writing across the curriculum, writing resources – and will provide a classroom visit by a writing center consultant.

University Center for the Advancement of Teaching:  The Mission for UCAT is to support and advocate for all who teach at Ohio State. This center helps Ohio State’s teachers approach their work in a scholarly and reflective way, engaging with the research on effective pedagogies, thus promoting continuous improvement of student learning.

Course Design

UCAT provides course design institutes on a regular basis.

Additionally the College of Medicine provides educational consultation for instructional design and for the use of all types of educational technology:

Course Syllabus Recommendations

Curriculum Policies

HRS Curriculum Guide

The Academic Organization and curriculum Handbook for the university is here:

SEI - Student Evaluation of Instruction

This is the accepted university evaluation of instruction.  More information is here:

Creating Digital Resources for My Class

The Digital Publishing team facilitates the production of digital books in multiple formats by faculty, staff, and students at Ohio State. We offer training, resources, consultation, development, design and advice for any digital publication you may be interested in creating. Ohio State authors can take advantage of resources we provide on the ODEE Resource Center and apply to join Book Launch, a program designed to create a community of digital book authors at Ohio State.

Student Organizations

All student organizations are listed through the Office of Student Life:

Advisor Responsibilities for Student Organizations

Any faculty or A&P staff may serve as the primary advisor for a student organization. The primary advisor is listed in the online organization directory and is responsible for completing annual registration renewal requirements. CCS staff, graduate students, alumni, community members or other non-university employees may serve as co-advisors.

Safety Training

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