Associate Professor - Clinical

306 Atwell Hall
453 W. 10th Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43210

Phone: (614) 688-3811
Fax: (614) 292-0210

Email: jill.clutter@osumc.edu

Primary Profession Areas of Interest

  • Health Promotion
  • Research Methods
  • Interprofessional Education

Research Focus

The major focus of my research involves: workforce development issues in the Health Professions, specifically dealing with the current generation of healthcare profession students in terms of health,  interprofessional (IP) education and teamwork. My team is currently working on designing best practices for IP educational experiences in terms of interactions, communications, and other outcome measures.

2-3 Most Recent Publications

Pryor, M, Clutter, J, Varekojis, S, Sergakis, G. "Asthma management in Millenial college students: attitudes and perceptions of resources." Respiratory Care Educational Annual. Vol. 24, (Aug 2015): 3-10. (Published). 35% Authorship. Research design & analyses; extensive rewrite with Dr. Sergakis.

Holthaus, V, Sergakis, G, Wilcox, J, Rohrig, L, Legg, J, Clutter, J, Nahikian-Nelms, M. "The Impact of Interprofessional Simulation on Dietetic Student Perception of Communication, Decision-making, Roles, and Self-efficacy." Topics in Clinical Nutrition. Vol. 30, no. 2. (Feb 2015): 127-142. (Published).

Cox, L, Clutter, J, Sergakis, G, Harris, L. "Learning Style of Undergraduate Allied Health Students:Clinical versus Classroom." Journal of Allied Health. Vol. 42, no. 4. (Dec 2013): 223-228. (Published). 40% Authorship. Heavily edited student thesis manuscript; two revisions for publication.

2-3 Most Recent Presentations

Clutter, J and Sergakis, G, Seminar Presenter. "Solving the Mystery of Program Evaluation: Start with the End in Mind." Presented at Fifteenth Annual IHA Health Literacy Conference, Peers within Field., Anaheim, CA (May 2016)

Sergakis, G, Clutter, J, Rohrig, L, McClerking, C, Eichenauer, K, Thomas, E, Presenter. "Transforming Culture through the Education fo Clinical Interprofessional Simulation Excellence Program." Presented at National Academies of Practice in Medicine: 2016 Annual Meeting & Forum, Peers within Field. Marriott Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD (Apr 2016)

Clutter, JE & Sergakis, GG, Presenter. "Intergenerational Communication Preferences." Presented at Oregon & SW Washington Health Literacy Conference, Peers within Field. Sentinal Hotel & Conference Center, Portland, OR (Mar 2016)

Major Awards

  • 2015, 2012, 20111, 2009:  Mortarboard Faculty Recognition
  • 2009 Ohio State University Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching
  • 2009 Inducted into Ohio State University Academy of Teaching
  • 2009 College of Medicine Excellence in Teaching Award
  • 2009 School of Allied Medical Professions Teaching Award

Courses Taught

  • HTHRHSC 3400
  • HTHRHSC 4450
  • HTHRHSC 4470S
  • HTHRHSC 4950
  • HTHRHSC 5900
  • HTHRHSC 7350


  • 2006, The Ohio State University, PhD
  • 2004, The Ohio State University, MA
  • 1988, The Ohio State University, MS
  • 1977, The Ohio State University, BS