Program Director of Radiography

Phone: (614) 292-2875


Allison was promoted to Program Manager so that she can increase her support of our RST Division and continue to give back to her alma mater. Allison graduated from the program with Latin Honors and made a significant impact by practicing Radiography at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus.

Allison served as the programs Clinical Instructor at NWCH and was even voted as the Outstanding Clinical Instructor by the graduating class of Radiographers. Allison was the lead technologist in fluoroscopy and developed even more specialized clinical skills. Allison is anxious to take her real world experience to assist our students to become even more proficient in providing high quality patient care. Allison will be working closely with Rachel Pargeon to transition the program to a new clinical tracking system called E-value.

Allison is also serving as our Clinical Coordinator for the OSU Radiography program and will be working hard to increase our presence in the many clinical sites for Radiography. Allison is a huge Buckeye fan and is anxious to work with our senior students to increase our recruitment efforts. Allison is a great ambassador for Ohio State and will be anxious to tell students why the program makes such a difference in your aspiration for an exciting career in medicine.

Allison is an ARRT certified Radiographer, an Ohio licensed Radiographer, an active member of the OSRT, and the ASRT. Allison is very interested in become a high quality educator and will be looking at post graduate education course work.

Courses Taught

  • RST 3310 - Introduction to the Radiologic Sciences (co-teaching)
  • RST 3411 - Radiography Procedures I
  • RST 3412 - Radiography Procedures II
  • RST 3089 - Radiography Practicum I
  • RST 3189 - Radiography Practicum II
  • RST 4089 - Radiography Practicum III
  • RST 4189 - Radiography Practicum IV
  • RST 4289 - Radiography Practicum V
  • RST 4630 - Transitions to the Workplace
  • RST 5089 - Computed Tomography (clinical placement)


  • 2007: Radiography, The Ohio State University