The clinical education program at OSU encompasses a variety of clinical experiences aimed to prepare students for entry-level practice by addressing a breadth and depth of practical learning opportunities.  DPT students have their first experience as a part-time integrated clinical (ICE) during the early spring of their first year in which they complete eight 4-hour sessions in an outpatient clinic, typically with a classmate partner.  This is intended to be more competency-based and help them acclimate to the clinical environment.  This is followed by a full-time 7-week outpatient clinical in the late spring of their first year.  During fall semester of their 2nd year, student complete an acute care ICE in which they go with a classmate for two 3-4 hour session in a hospital as part of their neurological lab course.  Their next full-time clinicals are 2 consecutive 10-week clinicals beginning in late March of their 2nd year until mid-August.  After completing their final semester of didactic coursework, their terminal 10-week clinical begins in January of their 3rd year.  This is immediately followed by a 6-week final leadership practicum experience in the spring of their 3rd year, right before graduation. This exceeds the minimum requirements for accreditation, and prepares students to excel in clinical practice. As the oldest program in Ohio, we have an extensive Alumni network, and hundreds of clinical sites in Columbus, around Ohio, and throughout the nation. Our clinical education team works closely with the clinical instructors for each student to assure a high quality clinical experience that meets our standards for excellence.

Each student travels beyond the Columbus area for at least one clinical. Students may also choose to travel outside of Ohio for either a clinical or practicum experience.  We routinely have students in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia. If a student would like to travel to a particular area, requests can be made to the appropriate faculty. As described in the Clinical Education Handbook, this requires advanced planning.

The final leadership practicum experience is the culminating event in the DPT program.  This 6-week experience is individualized for each student’s interests.  The goal is to enhance the student’s ability to practice as an autonomous practitioner and to develop specialized skill and/or knowledge in an aspect of physical therapy that is of particular interest.  Students can choose to do a specialized clinical experience with a mentor who is an expert in that area of practice. They may participate in research, teaching, service, advocacy, management, administration or some combination of any of these.  Examples of what students have done include an internship with the Cleveland Indians, working at the Olympic Training Center, participating in cutting edge research on spinal cord injury and neuro-degenerative diseases, interning at The American Physical Therapy Association, working with an expert manual therapist in Australia, working with a state legislator from Ohio, working with upper level management at a local hospital system, teaching with our faculty, and developing fitness programs using evidence based practice for seniors.  Students complete this practicum, including a project and a reflective paper, just prior to graduation in the spring.

We value our clinical partners and strive to maintain open and frequent communication.  Our philosophy is to support our students and clinical educators throughout the clinical education process.  We welcome input, feedback and partnership in preparing the future of our profession!

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Clinical Information


Ohio-Kentucky Consortium website (Group for all PT programs in Ohio and KY with helpful resources for CIs and CCCEs): 

APTA: Clinical Education (helpful resources such as tools for self assessment for the CI and resources for the CCCE available):  

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Award Winners

Ohio State Outstanding Clinical Instructor

  • 2012:  Phil Cadman, PT, DPT – Premier PT, Cincinnati OH
  • 2013:  Paula Melson, PT, DPT, MMS – Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
  • 2014:  Rick Evans, PT – The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (acute)
  • 2015:  Karen Robison, PT, DPT, NCS – The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (OP neuro)
  • 2016:  Meredith Banhos, PT, DPT, NCS – The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Dodd Rehabilitation Hospital
  • 2017: Jared Braden, PT, DPT
  • 2018: Gary Stevens, PT
  • 2019: Ann Karbler, PT, MPT
  • 2020: Jason Dreger, PT

Emerging CI

    • 2015:  John (JJ) Kuczynski, PT, DPT, OCS – The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Sports Medicine
    • 2016:  Kelcie Wittman, PT, DPT, SCS – University of Wisconsin Medical Center Sports Medicine
    • 2017: Sarah Levine, PT, DPT
    • 2018: Aaron Megazzi, PT, DPT
    • 2019: Doug Eck, PT, DPT, NCS
    • 2020: Kayla Borchers, PT, DPT

    Outstanding Clinical Site

      • 2014: Pebble Creek – Akron, OH:  SNF; Alexia Lairson, PT, CCCE
      • 2015: Summa Rehab Hospital – Akron, OH:  Neurological rehab hospital; Kaitlyn Bush, PT, DPT, NCS, CCCE
      • 2016: OSU Sports Medicine – Columbus, OH (and various centers in suburban Columbus):  OP ortho/sports facilities; Brianne Rice, PT, CCCE
      • 2017: Riverside Methodist Hospital - Columbus, OH
      • 2018: Mount Carmel St. Ann's - Columbus, OH
      • 2019: Dodd Rehabilitation Hospital
      • 2020: Ohio State Acute Care