A Clinical Residency is a planned program of post-professional clinical diagnostic education designed to significantly advance the resident's preparation as a provider of patient care services in a defined area of clinical practice. Residencies are for individuals who have already completed an entry level education program as a physical therapist.  The resident is already a physical therapist, and is seeking advanced clinical skills in a specific practice area.

Of the eight clinical specializations recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association, Ohio State currently has programs accredited by the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education in Neurology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Sports, Geriatrics, and Women’ Health which is in development. Our model for residency education has been praised nationally and adopted by other institutions. DPT Students at Ohio State enjoy the presence of residents in their clinical skills teaching labs.  As these outstanding young physical therapists work through their clinical residency, they reinforce their skills by acting as assistants to the faculty during labs.  This increases the availability of instruction for the students, and sets an example for commitment to education.

Clinical Fellowships represent an even higher level of training.  Fellows must already be clinical experts, and are often already certified as specialists.  Fellowship training is focused on a subspecialty in clinical practice.  At Ohio State there are Fellowships in Upper Extremity Athlete, Orthopaedic Manual Therapy as well as Performing Arts which is in development. 

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