For students interested in the program, please see the Curriculum Guide for the DPT.

For students enrolled in the program, please refer to the Student Handbook‚Äč information on the Carmen Foundations course, and emails from Dr. Deb Kegelmeyer to ensure that you have registered for the appropriate courses.  You will also need to ensure that you have the correct numbers for your faculty advisor in experiences such as the research practicum, research credits for your case study, as well as other independent study experiences.

Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization

Specialization is available to DPT students in three areas:  Pediatrics, Global Health, and Research.  DPT students pursuing a specialization receive recognition on their transcripts and gain valuable experience in an area of interest to them.  A graduate specialization is similar to a minor for an undergraduate degree. Each specialization requires specific required and elective coursework and experiences, and requires both didactic and practicum courses.  Any DPT student in good standing can apply for entry to a specialization.


The Interdisciplinary Graduate Specialization in Pediatrics is offered through The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.  The goal is to enable Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD) and Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) students to gain skills and knowledge in pediatrics beyond those required in their professional degree educational programs. The Pediatric Specialization will allow students who are interested in careers in pediatric physical or occupational therapy to engage in learning opportunities beyond the minimum requirements and gain recognition for completion of additional coursework in pediatrics. 
For additional information, please contact
Jill Heathcock, PT, MPT, PhD

Global Health

The Interdisciplinary Graduate Specialization in Global Health is offered through the Graduate School.  The coursework develops the knowledge and skills needed to work with underserved populations.  Students participate in a mentored practicum that involves working with individuals from disadvantaged and underserved populations at an international site.  This specialization prepares graduates to be active participants in the advancement of global health through academic enrichment, service-learning, and research pertaining to issues of global health.  Students gain specific expertise in the unique challenges of healthcare in the developing world and among immigrant populations both domestically and abroad.
For additional information, please contact
Anne Kloos, PT, PhD, NCS


The Research in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Specialization is offered through The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.  Students participate in an ongoing research project with a faculty mentor and complete additional coursework in research methods.  The specialization allows students interested in research to work with our highly recognized faculty, who have ongoing studies at Ohio State. Completion of this specialization enables students to develop foundational research skills for future collaboration with independent researchers.  The formal recognition of accomplishments provided by the research specialization, helps graduates compete for admission to PhD or other advanced degree programs, and also prepares graduates for jobs that involve program evaluation or outcome research.

For additional information, please contact
Deb Kegelmeyer, PT, DPT, MS, GCS

Year One (41 Credit Hours)

  • AMI 6000 Anatomy (5)
  • PT 6410 Principles & Procedures in PT Practice I (1)
  • PT 6021 Intro to PT Profession (1)
  • AMP 5510 Pharmacology (2)


  • PT 6250 Neural Basis of Movement (2)
  • PT 6415 Principles and Procedures in PT Practice II (1)
  • PT 7012 Documentation and Reimbursement (1) 
  • PT 7220 Musculoskeletal Diagnosis and Management I (4)
  • PT 7410 Musculoskeletal skills lab I (3) 
  • AMP 7900 Evidence based Practice I (1) 
  • PT 7235 Biomechanics for PT (3) 
  • PT 8998 Research Practicum* (1) 

*PT 8998 can be taken AU or SP


  • PT 7250 Neurologic Basis of Rehabilitation (2)
  • PT 6260 Pathology for PT (2)
  • PT 8013 Contemporary Practice (1) 
  • PT 8210 Musculoskeletal Diagnosis and Management II (6)
  • PT 8410 Musculoskeletal Skills Lab II (3) 
  • AMP 7910 Evidence Based Practice II (1) 
  • PT 6189 Integrated Clinical Experience (1) 

Year Two (35.5-36 Credit Hours)

  • PT 6389/7389 Pediatric ICE (0.5-1)
  • PT 7189 Intermed. Clin. Internship I (4)
  • PT 8230 Clinical Apps. In Pediatrics (3)
  • PT 8430 Pediatric Laboratory (1)
  • PT 8630 Clinical Sci. in Pediatrics (2)
  • PT 8030 Topics in Pediatrics (1)


  • PT 8065 Service Learning in PT (.5)
  • PT 8250 Adult Neurologic Rehab (5)
  • PT 8450 Adult Neurologic Laboratory (3) 
  • PT 8270 Geriatric Management (2)
  • PT 8050 Topics in Rehab and Long Term Care (1) 
  • PT 8272 Cardiopulmonary Rehab (2) 


  • PT 8065 Service Learning in PT (.5)
  • PT 8274 Integumentary Systems and Rehabilitation (2)
  • PT 8474 Integumentary and Community  Reintegration Laboratory (3) 
  • PT 8276 Adaptive Equipment and Community Re-integration (2)
  • PT 8674 Advanced Therapeutic Interventions and Progressions (1) 
  • PT 8670 Imaging in PT Practice (2) 

Year Three (41 Credit Hours)

  • PT 8189 Terminal Clinical Internship I (8)
  • PT 7289 Iterm Clinical Internship (8)
  • PT 8061 Careers in Physical Therapy (1)
  • PT 8070 Management (3)
  • PT 8060 Healthcare in America & Impact on PT I (1) 
  • PT 8676 Differential Diagnosis for PT (4)
  • PT 8999 Thesis (2) 

Take 2 Didactic elective courses 

  • PT 8610 Advanced Orthopedic PT (1)
  • PT 8640 Complex Scenarios in PT (1) 
  • PT 8612 Advanced Sports PT (1) 
  • PT 8650 Advanced Neuro Rehab (1) 
  • PT 8620 Entrepreneurial Leadership in PT (1) 
  • PT 8625 Private Practice Management in PT (1) 
  • HRS Interdisciplinary case mgt (1) 
  • Rehabilitation Engineering (1) 
  • Research Pediatric and global health specialization

Clinical Elective

  • PT 6589 Service Clinical Experience (.5- 2 credit elective)


  • PT 8289 Terminal Clinical Internship (8)
  • PT 8989 Capstone Practicum Internship (4)

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