The Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program has a specified tuition that is published by the University Registrar. All 9 semesters in the physical therapy program are full time.

Related costs beyond stated and required University fees for instruction and tuition and individual housing arrangements include:

  1. Required textbooks and supplies (approximately $300-750/semester).

  2. Clinical clothing is required for both men and women. Costs are variable.

  3. All costs associated with clinical experiences, including University fees, travel, food, lodging, liability insurance, health insurance, uniforms, postage and the like, are the responsibility of each student. The student is also responsible for any other costs that may occur during the affiliation period (field trips, travel, recreational activities, meetings, continuing education programs, etc.).

  4. Professional dues: Students are expected to join the American Physical Therapy Association ($90 annually).

  5. The Physical Therapy Division will be financially responsible for site visits by a faculty member to assist with student problems that require the onsite presence of a faculty member during an affiliation.

Financial Assistance

The procedure for application for financial assistance can be obtained from the Student Financial Aid Office at The deadline for requests for most grant, loan or scholarship funds is March 1 prior to the academic year of financial need.

Each year, during Spring Semester, awards from University scholarships are made to a limited number of physical therapy students. These scholarships provide partial support for tuition costs during the professional program and are based on varying combinations of merit, financial need, and specific endowment criteria. Students will be given information about these scholarships by the Division Director during the acceptance process. Physical Therapy students may also be eligible for scholarships or grants compiled in the Scholarship/ Financial Aid Information Packet provided by the American Physical Therapy Association. This brochure is available at