Explore graduate options in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Graduate Specializations

A graduate interdisciplinary specialization (GIS) involves two or more graduate programs outside the student's home program.  This additional expertise enhances your graduate degree and provides further career opportunities. The completion of a graduate minor, GIS, or certificate program is noted on the your final transcript.

Graduate students in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences may elect to add any specialization or certificate but historically many of our students have chosen the Global Health or College/University Teaching specializations.  For additional details regarding the Global Health Interdisciplinary Specialization contact Dr. Anne Kloos. More information can be found at https://gradsch.osu.edu/degree-options

Graduate Specialization in Aging

The Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Aging offers students advanced educational opportunities in the field of aging. The Specialization’s core curriculum focuses on the basic components of gerontology shared by many disciplines and helps position students for success to enter the workforce in jobs engaged with our growing aging population. For additional details regarding the Specialization in Aging, contact Dr. Jessica Krok-Schoen.