Facilities and Equipment

The School has two computer labs available for student use. The larger of the two is located on the fourth floor in Room 435 and is used frequently for class by division faculty. It has 32 computers and two laser printers. The second-floor lab in Room 227 has 10 computers and one laser printer. All HRS computers have the Office 2010 suite of programs, SPSS and many specialized programs that are used by the various divisions.


All HRS students, faculty, and staff may use the HRS computer labs. Hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The fourth floor computer lab is closed to general use when computer classes are scheduled. Reserved times for Lab 435 will be posted on the outside door of Room 435. The second floor lab will remain open at all times and cannot be reserved or closed for group sessions.

HRS Student Account

Students will need an account to access the labs in Atwell Hall. Fill out this form to request an HRS Account.

Printer Paper

Paper is provided in the fourth floor lab. Maureen Braughton in room 106 will provide paper to you when necessary. If you do not feel comfortable in loading the printer please ask for assistance. 

Paper waste is a concern in both these labs. Please remember that paper is provided by HRS as a courtesy and will be discontinued if abused. All students have a 500 page quota or 1000 printed copies if using duplex (front and back side) printing.

Rules for Using Computer Labs

Absolutely NO food or drink is allowed in the labs at any time. Students are not allowed under any circumstances to install any software on the computers.

Students are responsible for saving their work on Memory Drive/Sticks (Jump Drives) which they must supply. Students may save data on their personal storage area by saving to My Documents in Windows. This will save to the file server automatically. Students can also save data to the Shared Student (S:) drive, but this is a public domain and files can be copied, edited, deleted at anytime by anyone. 
All computer lab areas are to be left clean and free of debris (paper, old disks, etc.) Violations of the rules of use will result in suspension of the student's use of the computer lab facilities.

Student E-mail

You are required to activate your OSU account with OIT. You can call OIT to activate your account at 688-HELP. Instructors will be emailing course materials and grades via this address, and the OSU Registrar's Office is now relying on email as the primary communication medium for all students, so you will need to check your OSU email on a daily basis.
If you prefer to use a personal account like AOL, Roadrunner, YahooMail or Hotmail, please have your OSU account forwarded to that account so that you can get all of your mail in one place. You can request this online here. Most faculty and staff are happy to respond to student e-mail inquiries. However, please use common sense and courtesy in your email messages. Be brief, polite and be professional. Do not send unsolicited jokes, advertisements or political material.

How to Use Outlook for Reservations

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Click on "File" then "Open" then "Other User's Folder.
  3. This will bring up the "open other user's folder" dialogue box. Click on the "Name" button.
  4. Make sure that the Global Address List is showing and scroll down until you see the equipment listed.
  5. Double click on the equipment you want to reserve or highlight it and hit "OK".
  6. This will bring you back to the "open other user's folder" dialogue box. You will need to make sure that "Calendar" is selected for the "Folder" option.
  7. This will bring up the calendar for the equipment. You will be able to schedule a reservation just as you would an appointment or meeting on your own calendar.
Reporting Problems

Please report any problems to Bruce Noskowiak at 688-5487 or page him at 731-3817.

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