The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (HRS) continues to make great strides in innovative educational programs and activities to prepare the next generation of healthcare providers.

First, we have established a holistic admissions process, across programs, to enhance the diversity of thought and background in our incoming students; we see this as a decisive step toward meeting the healthcare needs of the current and future diverse patient population. Next, we have implemented, in conjunction with the other health sciences colleges on campus, a series of interprofessional education (IPE) experiences to prepare graduates for interprofessional team membership and patient care.  Within the school, we are building on these broader integrated activities with more intensive activities between our own programs. The expectation is that our students will fully understand the scope of practice across disciplines, will know how their skills fit into the larger healthcare team and are prepared to provide patient-focused interprofessional care.

These integrated activities call for innovative educational technologies and learning spaces. Over the next year, HRS will renovate the first floor of Atwell Hall to provide expanded study space for our students in an enlarged lobby area, looking out onto the green space and the new hospital. This will also improve the accessibility of the first floor for all students. We are similarly looking to develop a learning laboratory on the second floor to encourage a flipped classroom learning style. Other classrooms are getting a face-lift with new technology and team-focused art. Notably, Ohio State is building a new Health Sciences education center, which will be home for many of our classes with state-of-the-art technology that will afford enhanced integration with our other health sciences colleges, including additional IPE experiences.

And finally, the expanding healthcare landscape lends itself to novel educational programming to meet the needs of the future. Most recently, HRS has:

  1. elevated our Occupational Therapy degree to the doctoral level (OTD);
  2. created the nation’s first Master of Respiratory Therapy (MRT) program, an advanced credential for practitioners;
  3. co-developed an integrated entry-level Master in Dietetics and Nutrition (MDN) with Education and Human Ecology;
  4. launched our first completely online program in Health Sciences; and
  5. scheduled to launch our newly developed Online AS to BS Completion Degree in Radiologic Sciences in April, 2019.

HRS is a nationally recognized leader in the education of healthcare professionals and providers in the areas of athletic training, health information management, health sciences, medical dietetics, medical laboratory science, occupational therapy, physical therapy, respiratory therapy and radiologic sciences and therapy.