January, 1942 – College of Education announces Occupational Therapy courses will be offered during winter quarter

August, 1942 – Wanda Misbach Edgerton named Chairman of the Department of Occupational Therapy and Associate Professor

September, 1942 – The first OT students enroll – six total, including a male student and a Catholic nun. Arps Hall became the first home of the OT program

January, 1943 – Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) created and Romadell Schmuck became the first president

February, 1944 – initial program accreditation by American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) 

March, 1944 – W. K. Kellogg Foundation Loan and Scholarship funds created for OT students

April, 1944 – College of Education offers Bachelor of Science degree for Occupational Therapy

December, 1944 – Romadell Schmuck and Mary Corn become the first OT graduates

April, 1945 – Guy Morrow, first male OT graduate

May, 1945 – the OT quarterly newsletter, SOTA Sampler, is created

October, 1945 – Martha Jackson becomes the second chairman of the department

April, 1948 – 65 students are now enrolled in the department

1951 – Martha Jackson Lilley develops AOTA’s first Curriculum Guide

1951 – Barbara Locher becomes the third chairman of the department

January, 1952 – At 10 years old, the Ohio State OT department is one of only 26 OT departments throughout the U.S. There are six jobs for every graduate

1966 – Helen Kay Grant named president of the Ohio Occupational Therapy Association

July, 1966 – School of Allied Medicine moves from the College of Education to the College of Medicine and into Starling Loving Hall

1970 – Helen Kay Grant appointed program director

July, 1971 – School of Allied Medical Professions (SAMP) moves into a new $4 million, five-story building and Ohio State becomes the first university in the nation to house its program in one building

1981 – Helen Kay Grant receives AOTA Roster of Fellows Award

1983 & 1987 – Helen Kay Grant receives AOTA Service Award

June, 1991 – OT celebrates its 50th Anniversary

April, 1993 – Jane Case-Smith, director and professor, publishes “Pediatric Occupational Therapy and Early Intervention” textbook

January, 1996 – Jane Case Smith publishes “Occupational Therapy for Children,” one of the most widely used OT textbooks to date

1997 – Jane Case-Smith receives AOTA Roster of Fellows Award

March, 2000 – School of Allied Medical Professions Building is renamed Atwell Hall

2001 – Jane Case-Smith receives AOTF A. Jean Ayres Award

2003 – Master of Occupational Therapy degree is offered for the first time

2004 – Melinda Rybski, Assistant Professor, published “Kinesiology for Occupational Therapy”

2005 –  Jane Case-Smith named program director 

2009 – Monica Robinson receives AOTA Roster of Fellows Award

February, 2012 – SAMP renamed School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

2012 – Jane Case-Smith receives The Ohio State University President and Provost’s Award 

March, 2012 – U.S. News & World Report Best OT Programs ranking #15

2013 – Amy Darragh receives AOTA Roster of Fellows Award

2014 – Doctorate in Occupational Therapy approved to replace Master of Occupational Therapy

2014 – Amy Darragh appointed division director

2015 – Jane Case-Smith named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Occupational Therapy by AOTA and inducted to the AOTF Academy of Research

2016 – U.S. News & World Report Best OT Programs ranking #12

September, 2017 – OT celebrates its 75th Anniversary