401trainingsupportingOur program requires three years of full-time study including six months of full-time fieldwork and a 14 week Capstone Experience. Entering students must have completed a bachelor’s degree and other admissions requirements.  We offer a full-time program in which students experience interrelated didactic courses, laboratory activities, community lab, and clinical fieldwork experiences each quarter. Some of the outstanding features of our program include: 
  • Recognized, award-winning faculty with expertise in pediatrics, adult rehabilitation, neurorehabilitation, gerontology, mental health, assistive technology and developmental disabilities.
  • Working with authors of leading textbooks in the field, recipients of major research awards from the National Institutes of Health and other organizations, and leaders in the field of occupational therapy, including the president of the Ohio Occupational Therapy Association.
  • Learning and working on the campus of one of the world's leading medical centers, which boasts Top 10 programs in 13 medical specialties, including rehabilitation and neurology
  • Pass rates well above the national pass rates for the National Board Certification Examination for Occupational Therapists.
  • A 70-year history of producing outstanding graduates, making Ohio State's program one of the most established in the nation.
  • Access to the outstanding research resources that only a research university can offer, including a federally designated traumatic brain injury model system and a Christopher Reeve Neurorecovery Network Site.

Technical Standards:

The technical standards set forth in this document by the Occupational Therapy Division establish the essential functional requirements necessary for enrolled students to acquire the knowledge, skills, competencies and values of an entry-level Occupational Therapist.

Technical Standards Document

Mission, Vision, Philosophy and Curricular Goals

Mission, Vision, Philosophy and Curricular Goals

Licensure Disclosure

A professional license or certification may be required to practice in the field of this academic program or to advance or specialize in that field. This program meets licensure or certification requirements in the state of Ohio and is approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

If you are planning to seek a professional license or certification in a state other than Ohio, it is highly recommended that you contact the appropriate state licensing entity to seek information and guidance about licensure before beginning the program. For state licensure board contact information, please visit https://odee.osu.edu/students/state-authorization