Approximate costs are calculated annually (3 semesters). Annual tuition for a student during the 2017‐2018 academic year are $19,453.20 for Ohio residents and $46,705.20 for non‐residents. Students will have to pay a supplemental application fee of $60 ($70 for international students), and a one‐time program fee of $375. Additional program expenses may include textbooks, dissection materials for an Anatomy course, or additional fees. Students are also responsible for all expenses associated with travel and living arrangements during clinical affiliations. 

Scholarships and Financial Aid

OSU Fellowship
If you are interested in applying for an OSU fellowship, please check the box indicating your interest on your application form. You must request 3 letters of recommendation using the forms provided in the graduate school reference form. We recommend that you write a second letter of intent focused on why you should be awarded a fellowship (the first letter related entirely to becoming an occupational therapist). We recommend that you only apply for a fellowship if your undergraduate grade point average (GPA) is 3.6 or higher. Fellowships provide scholarships for the first year of your professional program.

AOTF Scholarships

You are encouraged to investigate the scholarships available through the American Occupational Therapy Foundation. More information can be found here.

Financial Aid
The University's Office of Financial Aid handles all requests for scholarships, grants, and loans. Contact them directly at 614-292-0300 or check the Financial Aid page on Ohio State's web site: http://sfa.osu.edu/

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