Students value our intimate setting and small class sizes.

Join us for an Undergraduate Application Workshop hosted by the SHRS Office of Student Services. During these sessions, will cover:

  • What to include in your personal statement
  • What kinds of volunteer/student involvement to include
  • How to format your experience section
  • How to determine which courses to list
  • Which majors interview
  • Application and decision timelines
Based on student demand, all application workshops will also include an introduction to the Writing Center, a resource to help students with writing their personal statements and formatting their involvement section! The Writing Center will also offer application review drop-ins immediately following the application workshops!

To view our upcoming Undergraduate Application Workshop dates and to RSVP, visit our Application Workshop page.

Learn More About Admissions and Financial Aid

Learn More About Admissions and Financial Aid

Undergraduate Program Admissions

Students value our intimate setting and small class sizes. Admissions into all our programs are therefore highly competitive. All undergraduate programs require a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 although most successful applicants have higher than a 3.0 GPA. Other criteria may vary by program, so you are strongly encouraged to consult the individual program websites.

Professional Programs in HRS Admissions

If you are a current or former Ohio State student, or you wish to transfer to Ohio State and have completed the program prerequisites, you may apply. Information about how to apply online, including application deadlines, is located at Ohio State's Professional Programs site. This application is not the same as the general OSU application. However, if you are admitted directly into one of our programs, then you are automatically enrolled at Ohio State and do not need to complete the general OSU application.

You are advised to apply well ahead of the deadline to allow full review of your application. Applications received after the deadline will only be considered only there's availability in a program.

Graduate Program Admissions

The University requires general materials of all applicants for graduate study. These are reviewed by the Graduate Admissions office before they are reviewed by the School. Each program has additional requirements, which you can find on the Health and Rehabilitation Sciences graduate webpages or by contacting HRS Office of Student Services at 614.292.1706.

Graduate Admissions GPA

All SHRS graduate programs require a minimum 3.0 GPA and competitive scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Application deadlines for the graduate programs can be found at the Graduate Admissions Website.

Financial Aid

Graduate Associateships

These associateships are the primary source of financial assistance provided to graduate students. Associateship positions generally begin in autumn term and are renewable, depending upon the student's job performance, grades and availability of funds. The availability of graduate associateships varies from program to program. To be eligible for consideration, you must meet all the admission requirements of the graduate program and apply by the appropriate program application deadline.

Most graduate fellowship awards provide a monthly stipend and payment of resident and non-resident fees. Terms and ability to renew vary, however, with the type of fellowship awarded. Graduate fellowships are limited in number and are awarded on a competitive basis each year to applicants who show outstanding scholarly accomplishment and exceptional potential for graduate study. Fellowship appointments generally begin autumn term.

Eligibility Consideration

To be eligible for University Fellowship consideration, you must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.6 out of a possible 4.00 in both undergraduate and graduate work. The Graduate School website contains additional details about fellowships and the criteria for each program.


Minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 3.1 on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent on another scale, such as 3.875 on a 5.0 scale, 4.65 on a 6.0 scale, etc.) and a 3.5 Analytical Writing Component is required for the GE competition. A 40 average percentile of the combined total of the general exam's Verbal and Quantitative sections. A 3.5 on the Analytical Writing component is required for the UF competition. Domestic applicants are only eligible to apply.

Each graduate program selects the most highly qualified admitted student and nominates them to the Graduate School by the end of January. Fellowship awards are announced March 15. Recipients' acceptances of the awards are due April 15. For more information, consult the Graduate School

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