Application Criteria

Application Criteria

Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements to be considered for competitive admission to the Masters of Dietetics and Nutrition program.

  • BACHELOR’S DEGREE — Completion of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution or comparable degree from a recognized foreign institution prior to the start of the program.
  • GPA — A minimum 3.0 cumulative undergraduate GPA is required across all coursework taken at all accredited institutions.
  • PREREQUISITES — Completion of the following prerequisite courses with a grade of a C- or higher prior to beginning the professional program (Ohio State course equivalents provided).
    • College Algebra or higher (Math 1148)
    • Introduction to Statistics (STATS 1350 or 1450)
    • Introduction to Psychology (PSYCH 1100)
    • Introduction to Nutrition (Human Nutrition 2310)
    • Advanced Nutrition and Metabolism (HUMN NUTR 4609 or MED DIET 3100)
    • Biochemistry/Organic Chemistry (Bio Pharm 3311 and 3312)
    • Human Physiology (EEOB 2520)
    • Human Anatomy (ANATOMY 2300.04)
    • General Chemistry 1&2 (CHEM 1210-1220)
    • Medical Terminology (HTHRHSC 2500)
    • Biology (BIOLOGY 1110 or 1113)
    • Microbiology (MICRO 4000.01)
    • Fundamentals of Food Science (HUMN NUTR 2314)*
    • Food Service Systems (CSHHSPMG 3720)*
    • Lifecycle Nutrition (HUMN NUTR 3506)**

*If not met before beginning program, may complete during curriculum.
**Optional, recommended.

Students completing an accredited DPD program will be considered having completed all program prerequisites.

Prerequisites do not need to be completed at the time of application, but progress will be assessed for timely initiation of the program. To request an assessment of existing or planned courses for equivalency by the Graduate Program Manager, please send the questions and the course syllabi to

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Application Process

Application Process

The Masters in Dietetics and Nutrition Program participates in the Dietetics Inclusive Centralized Application Service (DICAS) for admissions practices. Applying to the program includes a two-step process: 

  1. DICAS Application – Applicants must first apply using the DICAS application. All sections of the DICAS application must be complete. 
  2. Ohio State's Program Application – Once the application has been submitted to DICAS, applicants will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to complete Ohio State’s supplemental program application and pay the supplemental application fee. 

There is a $60 supplemental application fee for all domestic applicants, and $70 supplemental application fee for international applicants. Ohio State works with a variety of programs that provide fee waivers to applicants, and also manages several of its own programs. International students are not eligible for application fee waivers. Information about fee eligibility for applicants can be found on the application fee waivers page.

Program Timeline

  • August 5, 2024: DICAS application opens for interested applicants
  • December 1, 2024: DICAS and OSU supplemental application deadline for all applicants
  • March 1, 2025: Deadline for program to send admission decisions to applicants
  • March 15, 2025: Deadline for applicants to accept/decline their offer of admission

Applications will be reviewed in January and competitive applicants will be scheduled for a holistic interview in early February. Prior experiences, knowledge of the profession and personal career goals will be evaluated at this time. Admissions decisions will be made by March.

If applicants have any questions, they should call the HRS Student Services Office at 614-292-1706 or e-mail at

Application Materials

Application Materials

Applicants must submit the following materials with the online application by the application deadline to be considered for admission to the program:

  • Curriculum Vita/Resume - Submission of a current CV/Resume
  • A statement of Intent - A statement should include a summary of the applicant's relevant educational, professional and research experiences, as well as, the applicant's career and professional goals. The statement will be reviewed for writing quality and fit of the applicant's stated goals with the program's purpose and scope. 
  • Transcripts - Transcripts must be submitted from corresponding institutions for all post-secondary coursework completed.
  • Letters of Recommendation - Applicants must submit three (3) letters of recommendation. Graduate and Professional Admission will contact your recommenders directly for letters of recommendation once the application is submitted. You are encouraged to include references who you feel will speak to YOUR STENGTHS IN AN ACDEMIC SETTING AND  the likelihood of your success in a graduate program. Choose people who have knowledge of your strengths and goals. This may include professors, clinical instructors or employers. Areas of discussion can include but are not limited to, personal and professional development and follow through, work ethic, interpersonal skills, maturity and attitude toward learning and critical thinking.
  • Completion of all prerequisite courses or their equivalents with a C- or higher. Not all prerequisites need to be completed at the time of application, but the plan will be evaluated for completion of requirements prior to beginning professional coursework.

Additional Information

It is strongly recommended that prospective students complete an online Major Information Session and then schedule an appointment with an academic counselor in the Office of Student Services. Early evaluation of transcripts for prerequisites and prior learning credit is highly suggested.

Office of Student Services

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
206 Atwell Hall 
453 West 10th Avenue 
Columbus, OH 43210 
(614) 292-1706