Earn your Bachelor’s degree in Health and Information Management and Systems at The Ohio State University.

Admission to HIMS is based on a holistic review of each candidate, but also considers academic achievement in program prerequisites and the student’s overall cumulative grade-point average (based on coursework  at each accredited institution attended).  Competitive applicants will be invited for a personal interview.  The interview focuses on the applicant’s knowledge of the profession, career goals, and communication skills.

It is highly recommended that applicants interview or shadow a HIM professional of their choice before applying.

First-time degree seekers must complete all General Education requirements (GEs) prior to enrollment in the professional program.  All applicants must successfully complete prerequisite courses (with a C- or higher) by the end of summer term prior to beginning coursework in the HIMS professional curriculum.

The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Profession's minimum GPA for admission is 2.50; however, the  GPA of entering HIMS classes averages 3.3. Completion of all admission criteria does not assure admission. Maximum enrollment is limited to 32 students per year.  

Applicants must apply electronically by the deadline (January 31, 2019). 


Applying as a freshman:  Students are encouraged to apply as freshmen after completing either the admission prerequisites or a similar number of admission and program prerequisite credits, demonstrating they are on track toward completing all prerequisites prior to beginning the HIMS curriculum.  If admitted, these students complete their remaining prerequisites during their sophomore year and are guaranteed placement in the junior HIMS cohort the following calendar year if successful academic standing is maintained.

Applying as a sophomore:  Students may apply for the first time during their second year (sophomore) or above while completing their remaining prerequisites.  This option is also open to students who applied but were not admitted to the program as freshmen.  Subject to successful academic standing, admitted students will begin the HIMS program as a member of the junior HIMS cohort autumn semester of the calendar year in which they apply.

Post-Baccalaureate Students

Students who have a baccalaureate degree at the time of admission have the option of completing either a post-baccalaureate certificate or a second baccalaureate degree. Certificate students must complete all prerequisites and program requirements. Second degree students must, in addition, complete all GEC requirements.

All prospective students must follow the school’s pre-application procedures,  which may include attending informational sessions and meeting with a counselor in the Office of Student Services.  
The information below is for Autumn 2019 admission to the HIMS professional program.   Course requirements may change for subsequent years.

Degree Requirements

A minimum total of 126-128 semester credit hours, including all general graduation requirements, general education curriculum, program prerequisites, and professional curriculum, are required. 

General Education Curriculum (46-60 semester hours)

Students must complete the General Education Curriculum (GE) before graduating from the University.  
  • Writing & Related Skills 
  • Historical Study and Cultures & Ideas 
  • Mathematical & Logical Analysis 
  • Arts & Humanities 
  • Natural Sciences 
  • Open Option Courses 
  • Social Sciences 
  • Social & Global Studies Courses 

Program Requirements and Prerequisites

First year or freshman students who wish to apply to the program must have completed at least 30 semester credit hours including the admission prerequisites below with a C- or higher by the end of summer term prior to enrollment in the professional program. 

Students who are second year (sophomores) or above who wish to apply to the program must have completed at least 60 semester credit hours including all prerequisites  below with a C- or higher by the end of summer term prior to enrollment in the professional program. 

Admission Prerequisites or equivalents (once admitted, three years of schooling)
  • Math 1150 eligibility
  • English 1110 
  • Psychology 1100 
  • Three GE science courses listed below including one course sequence of choice: 
    • Biology 1101-1102
    • Biology 1113-1114
    • Chemistry 1210-1220
  • 3rd CE science course: Biology or Chemistry depending on sequence taken
Program Prerequisites (once admitted, two years of schooling)
  • Statistics 1450 
  • Communication 2131          
  • EEOB 2520
  • Economics 2001.01
  • Anatomy 2300.04 
  • Accounting & MIS 2000
  • HIMS 5648 
  • HTHRHSC 2500
Courses to fulfill the General Education Curriculum Requirements (GEC) may be selected from the approved course list. First-time degree seekers must complete all GEC courses prior to enrollment in the School. 

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