What types of classes will I be taking?

The HIMS curriculum focuses on knowledge of management principles, reimbursement, finance, clinical data management, ethical and legal considerations, information systems and skills for managing people and systems that support the delivery of health care. 

Laboratory and professional practical experiences are integrated throughout the curriculum.  The content of the curriculum is dynamic and continually changes as technical, social and political forces impact the health care environment.

Professional Curriculum

The professional curriculum includes courses available to students who have been admitted to the professional program. Students who wish to complete the program on a part-time basis should consult with the division since many courses are taught once per year. The program includes didactic coursework in addition to profession practice experience and culminates in a professional practice experience in the final semester of enrollment.

Curriculum Guides

Health Information Management and Systems - Legacy General Education (GEL)

Health Information Management and Systems - New General Education (GEN)

If you are not sure which guide to follow, visit our Curriculum Guide page for additional guidance.