The curriculum includes courses which meet the requirements for a Master of Science degree in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.  NOTE: Not all courses have semester equivalent numbers and credits.

Respiratory Therapy Advanced Practice (47 credits):

HRS 7900: Evidence-Based Practice I: Critical Analysis of Intervention Research and Systematic Review (1)
HRS 7910: Evidence-Based Practice II: Critical Analysis of Intervention Research and Systematic Review (1)

Cognate Courses:

Nursing 7450: Pathophysiology of Altered Health States (5)
Nursing 7410: Advanced Health Assessment (3)
Nursing 7470: Advanced Pharmacology in Nursing (4)
Respiratory Therapy 7700: Ethical Issues in Advanced Practice (2)
Respiratory Therapy 7800: Advanced Practice in Respiratory Care (6)
Respiratory Therapy 7895: Respiratory Therapy Seminar (7)
Respiratory Therapy 8289: Advanced Clinical Practice in Respiratory Care (18)



The following plan demonstrates how students may complete the Master of Science Respiratory Therapy Advanced Practice program in 4 semesters plus a May and Summer term.  The semester and year in which some non-clinical courses are taken can be adjusted to meet the individual needs of students.  During the clinical phase, there is no provision for part-time or evening-only enrollment.  The program includes a minimum of 1000 hours of supervised practice by a licensed physician (or Registered Respiratory Care Practitioner) in a clinical specialty such as adult critical/emergent care, pediatric critical care, neonatal critical care, pediatrics, primary respiratory care, neuromuscular respiratory care, or sleep disorders.