The Health Sciences program provides students an introduction to the healthcare field and an in-depth science background to prepare them for a health-related career or a graduate professional health program or other graduate program.

Health Sciences may be used by students who plan to apply to a graduate professional program including medicine, dentistry, occupational therapy, physical therapy, public health, hospital administration, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner and medical dietetics. Students planning to go on to medical, dental, optometry and Physician Assistant school can select a minor in biology to accommodate all upper-level science prerequisites in the program.

The flexible program allows students to complete a degree and all prerequisites in a four-year time frame with proper planning.The program also offers the opportunity for students to complete a bachelor’s degree after achieving an associate’s degree in a related healthcare field. 

The degree leads to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. Graduates are prepared for entry-level career opportunities in healthcare and health-related services or for entry into graduate and professional programs.