Patterson_825x990Emily Patterson serves as director of the Leverage Point Engineering Laboratory (LePE). LePE conducts research at the intersection of human factors engineering, patient safety, informatics, and health care. Dr. Patterson is a tenured professor in the School of Health and Rehabilitation’s Division of Health Information Management & Systems, which is housed in the College of Medicine. She also holds courtesy faculty appointments in the College of Nursing, Department of Biomedical Informatics, and Department of Integrated Systems Engineering. The Leverage Point Engineering (LePE) Laboratory has dedicated space for graduate students to conduct research activities.


Reducing telemetry alarm overload for nurses in the hospital
Goal: Help clinicians focus on meaningful events instead of the white noise sometimes caused by alarms.

Designing hospital rooms that meet the needs of all hospital staff, patients, and caregivers
Goal: Generate recommendations for a med-surg inpatient hospital room that accommodates the needs of all stakeholders working in the room, patients, caregivers, and visitors.

Patient Safety with HIT 
Goal: Reduce unnecessary patient morbidity and mortality through technological innovation and by addressing design flaws with health information technology systems.

Innovation using machine learning/predictive analytics

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