Welch Sierra 825x990Name: Sierra Welch

Year in School: 4th year

Major/Minor: Health Information Management and Systems

Hometown: Youngstown, OH

Extra-curricular activities/other organizations at OSU and in the community:

  • Member of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)

3 words to describe yourself:

  • Determined, caring, introverted

Current or recent internship/volunteer activities:

  • Volunteer at American Legion Post 235

More about me:

  • Why healthcare?
    • My family has a long history of medical problems. With so much time spent in hospitals growing up, I decided I wanted to help others medically. However, by the time I graduated high school, I realized I didn’t want to be directly involved in patient care. I realized that OSU offers many majors related to healthcare that are more behind the scenes.
  • Favorite spot on campus? Why?
    • The oval. I love laying out on a blanket and enjoying the view. There are always so many cute dogs and it’s wonderful. Whether it’s studying or reading leisurely, the oval is the best spot on campus.