General Education Curriculum

General Education Curriculum

Students must complete the General Education Curriculum (GEC) before graduating from the University:

  • Writing (6 hours)
  • Math (3 hours)
  • Data Analysis (3 hours)
  • Science (10 hours)
  • Social Science (6 hours)
  • Historical Study (3 hours)
  • Historical study or Culture & Ideas (3 hours)
  • Art (3 hours)
  • Literature (3 hours)
  • Social Diversity in the US (0-3 hours)
  • Global Studies (0-6 hours)
  • Open Options (6 hours)

Professional Curriculum

Professional Curriculum

The professional curriculum includes courses available to students who have been admitted to the professional program. It is completed in sequence and there is no provision for part-time or evening-only enrollment. The program includes a minimum of 1200 hours of supervised practice in acute care, long-term care, and in the community. 

Suggested Scheduling Plan

Suggested Scheduling Plan

Med Diet Course Schedule

Course Offerings

Course Offerings

1100 Careers in Dietetics
An introduction to the roles and responsibilities of the dietitian; the educational preparation for the dietitian and employment opportunities.

3100 Human Nutrition and Dietetics 

Integration of principles related to foods, nutrients, physiology, and biochemistry as they apply to nutritional care for the promotion of health and prevention of disease.

4200 Management in Medical Dietetics
Application of management process to nutritional care of patients in the health care institution.

4500 Health Promotion and Community Nutrition

Study of nutrition and health risk appraisal, intervention strategies, and cost effectiveness of risk reduction for selected populations in public and private health programming.

4700 Research Design in Medical Dietetics

Concepts related to planning, conducting, tabulating and reporting of research in dietetics.

4900 Physical and Nutritional Assessment 
Methods of gathering, interpreting, and reporting nutritional assessment information.

4910 Nutrition Care Process I 
Nutrition care process: pathophysiology, overview of medical treatment; nutrition assessment, diagnosis, intervention:  monitoring and evaluation of nutritional care for infants, children, adolescents, and adults.

4911 Nutrition Care Process II 

Nutrition care process: Principles of individual and group education and nutrition counseling as applied to responsibilities of the dietitian.

4912 Nutrition Care Process III 
Laboratory and experiential application of the nutrition care process for disorders of body weight, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system; gastrointestinal tract and endocrine system.

4923 Nutrition Care Process IV
Nutrition care process: Pathophysiology, overview of medical treatment; nutrition assessment, diagnosis, intervention: monitoring and evaluation of nutritional care of infants, children, adolescents, and adults.

4924 Nutrition Care Process V

Nutrition care process:  Principles of individual and group education and nutrition counseling as applied to responsibilities of the dietitian. 

4925 Nutrition Care Process VI 

Laboratory and experiential application of the nutrition care process for disorders of hepatobiliary, renal, neurological, respiratory, critical care, cancer, AIDS, and inborn errors of metabolism.

5189-5489 Medical Dietetics Advanced Practicum  
Supervised professional practice in various health care settings. This 40 hours per week experience is a staff community nutrition, long-term care, medical nutrition care experience or others in which students are progressively more independent in the supervised practice site. By the end of the experience, students are practicing independently or with minimal assistance from the dietitian. May require travel to off-campus clinical facility. 

5560 Diabetes Care and Management
Pathophysiology associated with diabetes, medical treatment, physical activity and nutrition therapy.

5800 Advanced Nutrition Therapy in Complex Disease States
Study of nutrition therapy in disease: interrelationships of nutrition with biochemical, physiological and anatomical changes associated with acute, chronic and terminal illness, surgery and trauma.

5825 Advanced Practice in Nutrition Assessment and Counseling

In-depth analysis of the literature and current practice for use in nutrition assessment and counseling for both healthy and medically complex patients with acute, chronic and terminal illnesses. 

5850 Advanced Management and Current Topics in Medical Dietetics

Emphasis on leadership skills for nutrition and dietetics in health care settings.

6001-6003 Foundations in Research and Application
An evidenced based review of current topics in dietetics to support the integration of nutrition informatics, scientific evidence and key trends in healthcare to dietetics practice.

6189 Clinical Nutrition Practicum

This is an advanced, specialized experience to be completed in addition to- and after- all required experiences in health care systems that use inpatient, outpatient, and food service and community-based experiences all to achieve course objectives.

6200 Community Nutrition and Health

Methods of discovering problems in community nutrition and practical application of nutrition information for improvement of the nutritional and health status of a diverse population.

6350 Nutrition Support in Critical Care
Critically evaluates the literature and evidence-based guidelines to develop nutrition care pathways for adults who are critically ill.

6900 Nutrition Genomics

Provides an introduction to the emerging field of nutritional genomics and translational medicine for the prevention and treatment of disease. 

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