The Honors program in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences is developed to create a breadth of experiences that are aligned with the University Honors Program's GOALS of Global Awareness, Original inquiry, Academic enrichment, Leadership development and Service engagement. Therefore, to graduate with Honors, students will complete activities across three domains to facilitate development in each of these core areas. These activities should reflect experiences that go above and beyond degree program requirements to ensure a supplemental experience worthy of such distinction.  For the full list of qualifying activities, please consult the appropriate guide below. 

For students who started in honors before Autumn 2019: Honors Opportunities

For students who started in honors during or after Autumn 2019: Honors Opportunities 

Running Laps


Honors in HRS (For OSU students who currently do not have honor enrollment from the University)  

To be eligible for the Honors Program in HRS, students must:

  1. Must be an enrolled student in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at The Ohio State University (OSU) as either a pre-major or major student;
  2. Must have taken/received graded credit (not S/U, P/NP, EM or K) for at least 15 credit hours at OSU but have not taken more than 60 earned graded credit at OSU;
  3. Must have a cumulative OSU GPA of 3.4 or higher.

If you feel that you meet these requirements, please schedule an appointment with the HRS Director of Student Services by calling 614-292-1706. The HRS Director of Student Services will help you complete the HRS Honors Application. Please note, this process does not pertain to first term HRS students with University honor enrollment.

For those HRS pre major and major students who wish to maintain their honor status from the University or HRS and have entered into candidacy for graduation with honors must:

  1. Maintain a 3.4 cumulative GPA at OSU while taking at least 60 graded credit hours (not S/U, P/NP) at OSU;
  2. Achieve the HRS honor programs’ established number of points from a series of activities across Honors and Graduate coursework; Teaching, Scholarship & Research and Leadership & Service; HRS Honors Students must at least achieve a minimum of 13 honors points per year;
  3. Must have an Honor’s Contract with yearly updates on file with the HRS Honor’s Director.