Hefelfinger Leah 825x990Name: Leah Hefelfinger

Year in School: 4th year

Major/Minor: Medical Laboratory Science

Hometown: Mason, OH

Extra-curricular activities/other organizations at OSU and in the community:

  • OSU Women’s Club Volleyball

3 words to describe yourself:

  • Driven, competitive, hardworking

Current or recent internship/volunteer activities:

  • OSU Wexner Medical Center volunteer
  • Injury biomechanics research center volunteer

More about me:

  • Favorite spot on campus? Why?
    • I love the union! It’s a perfect spot to eat meals, drink coffee, and do homework (people watching too!)
  • What are your goals for the future? (Career, life experience, etc.)
    • I hope to attend medical school and become a surgeon.