Abbott Evan 825x990Name: Evan Abbott

Year in School: 3rd year

Major/Minor: Athletic Training

Hometown: Loveland, OH

Extra-curricular activities/other organizations at OSU and in the community:

  • Health Sciences Scholar
  • Vice President of the Athletic Training Club
  • Vice President of Recruitment for Delta Upsilon Fraternity
  • Intramural Sports

3 words to describe yourself:

  • Dedicated, self-motivated, outgoing

More about me:

  • Favorite major course you’ve taken and why?
    • Emergency medicine (ATHTRNG 3800) because I love learning about physiology at a cellular level. It helps deepen knowledge on exactly what is going on in the body during a medical emergency. I learned how to spin board, administer EpiPens, supplemental oxygen and other lifesaving measurements.
  • What are your goals for the future? (Career, life experience, etc.):
    • I want to go to PT school after I graduate then work as a dual accredited AT/PT at a Division 1 football program while also helping teach a class in the AT program.