Thank you for your interest in the academic programs in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences! Students who are interested in programs in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences should view our curriculum guides online. These guides are intended to help students prepare for competitive admission to undergraduate programs in the School.

All prospective students are required to watch a video for their intended major and then to complete the mandatory associated quiz. The last question of the quiz will ask if the student if he or she would like to change his or her major (that is if they are current OSU students). Students will be notified that his or her major has been changed for the next semester. If for some reason we cannot change the student’s major, she or he will be notified explaining the reasoning. For any additional questions, prospective students may call (614) 292-1706 five days after completing the quiz to request an appointment to meet with an advisor.

Admissions Mission Statement

The Ohio State University School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences seeks to admit resilient, reflective thinkers who demonstrate compassion and diversity in background and thought, and are driven to support the health and well-being of the people of Ohio and the global community.

How do I access the Major Information Session?

Prospective students can access the videos and further instructions at


Learn More About Our Program

Learn More About Our Program

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