The Office of Student Services is the primary academic advising office for undergraduate students enrolled in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. The Student Services Office serves students preparing to apply to one of our undergraduate programs & provides advising services to current students enrolled in the program.

Every week advisors hold drop-in hours and are available for advising appointments. Drop-in hour times are sent to students in the weekly emails.

Appointments cannot be scheduled over email. Students need to call the number below to schedule an advising appointment. All appointments are 30 minutes in length. 


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Our Office Personnel:

Marcia Nahikian-Nelms, PhD, RDN, LD, FAND, Director of Academic Affairs

Lisa Terek, Director of Student Services

Lisa coordinates the day-to-day operations of the Office of Student Services. Lisa also advises student athletes and is the college office advisor for students who have been officially admitted to the one of the undergraduate programs. Finally, she works with students who are interested in the Degree Completion program in Radiologic Sciences & Therapy. She can be reached at

Gregory Davis, Health Sciences Advisor 

Gregory is an academic advisor working with Health Science Students.
Gregory can be reached at

Breanna Falb, Academic Advisor 

Breanna is an academic advisor working with pre-major students in the school. Breanna can be reached at

Caitlin Welsh

Caitlin is an academic advisor working with pre-major students in the school. Caitlin can be reached at

Christie Lukegord, Academic Advisor 

Christie advises students who have been admitted to the Health Sciences program. Christie can be reached at

Jaclyn Cresswell, Academic Coordinator, Graduate Studies 

Jaclyn advises students who are interested in SHRS graduate programs. Jaclyn can be reached at

Amy Kennedy, Assistant to the Director of Academic Affairs

Amy is the office administrator. She coordinates the calendar for the student services advisors. She is also lead administrator for curriculum and room scheduling. Amy can be contacted at

Allison Breitfeller, Office Associate

Allison processes both undergraduate and graduate applications for the School and handles all questions relating to the application and the admissions process. Allison also manages the background checks for the School. Allison can be reached at

How to Reach Us:

Office of Student Services
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
206 Atwell Hall
453 West 10th Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43210
Telephone: 614-292-1706
Fax: 614-292-0210

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