The Ohio State Viral Hepatitis Clinic provides optimal condition management through all stages of the patient’s disease.

Hepatitis is marked by inflammation of the liver – the largest organ inside your body. The liver helps digest food, store energy and remove poisons. Patients with viral hepatitis may hear their disease referred to as Hepatitis A, B or C. These forms of hepatitis are named for the virus that causes it.

Physicians and nurses at the Ohio State Viral Hepatitis Clinic work together to provide personalized care for each patient. Nursing staff help patients understand the viral hepatitis disease process, side effects of treatment and ways to manage during the treatment period. Staff time spent with each patient can help the patient gain a better sense of control over the illness.

The Liver Transplant service, the only one in central Ohio, is growing under the leadership of Dr. James Hanje, Director of Hepatology. The Hepatology team works collaboratively with the transplant surgeons, coordinators and other team members. Transplant lists are reviewed as a team and the team conducts pre- and post-transplant clinics to provide a comprehensive service for patients.

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