About our RossFit group

RossFit-GroupRossFit is an employee wellness group founded by three staff members at the Richard M. Ross Heart Hospital to improve the health and wellness of the Ross staff. RossFit members take part in organized health-based challenges and regular information sharing on wellness tips and activities.

Whether it’s participating in a smoothie recipe challenge or meeting up in the park for a group dog walk, the RossFit team is focused on working in health habits into everyday life. Because the RossFit community is member-driven, the activities are geared to the needs that will most benefit the group including:

Healthy eating and weight loss
Physical activity
Mental well-being

More than 400 staff members to date have joined in RossFit activities to improve their health and well being.

Join the RossFit 30-Day Challenge Starting May 1

Participate in the RossFit 30-Day Challenge and compete among your colleagues in three areas: physical, emotional and mental well-being. Log your activity each day to earn points.

The challenge will begin on Friday, May 1, but the challenge will have rolling registration. To register, visit go.osu.edu/RossFit30Day

Daily Challenges 

Physical Well-being: Log 1 point per day when you complete 30+ minutes of movement. Examples: stretching, walking, yoga, at-home workout, etc.)
Emotional Well-being: Log 1 point per day for 30+ minutes of mental engagement. Examples: reading, puzzles, coloring, knitting, etc.)
Mental Well-being : Log 1 point per day to set aside to time connect with a family member, friend or colleague. Examples: video or phone call, virtual hang-out, etc.) 

Optional Weekly Challenges

Week 1 (5/1-5/8): Set 2-3 personal goals for the week

Week 2 (5/8 - 5/15): Drink 64 ounces of water each day this week 

Week 3 (5/15 - 5/22): Bake something new or something you haven’t baked in a while (bread, muffins, scones, etc.)

Week 4 (5/22 - 5/29): • Eat 3 healthy meals a day and limit mindless snacking


Questions? Email heartcenter@osumc.edu