MS, RT(R) (MR), Instructor - Radiography & MR

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Instructor - Radiography; MRI
Clinical Coordinator Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Phone: 614-292-8405


We are very excited to have Ty return to our faculty as the Instructor and Clinical Coordinator of the MRI specialization. our faculty as the Instructor and Clinical Coordinator of the MRI specialization. Ty was an outstanding Radiography student who went on to complete the MRI training program at the OSU Medical Center.  Ty was a very productive graduate student and worked in the Laboratory for Investigatory Imaging.  Ty was also a graduate teaching assistant and provided MRI instruction for two years.  Ty has extensive clinical experience as he was recently the MRI technologist working to provide treatment planning for Radiation Oncology.  We are so thankful to have Ty back on our faculty.
Ty is considered an advanced practice imaging technologist as he began taking the Radiologist Assistant MS course work but then chose to complete his degree with a research specialization.  Ty is commited to providing patients with personalized health care and to that end is now enrolled in the OSU Nurse Practitioner program.

Ty is balancing his work in the Divison with his NP graduate course work.  Ty is also a father and devoted husband so he is a very busy person.  Ty is the very good at multi-tasking!!

Ty will be working closely with Allison Stokes to provide fun and educational Radiography positioning labs for our incoming junior students. Watch out - Ty is a huge Buckeye fan and loves to follow our sporting teams.

Courses Taught

  • RST 3411 - Radiologic Procedures I - lab
  • RST 3412 - Radiologic Procedures II - lab
  • RST 4426 - Radiologic Exposure - lab
  • RST 5189 - MR Practicum I
  • RST 5189 - MR Practicum II


  • 2007: Graduate of the OSU Radiography program - specialization in MRI
  • 2013: Graduate of the HRS Master's program -thesis carpal tunnel imaging with MRI, in an animal model

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