A comprehensive academic visit for high school students and their families can include receiving information about the undergraduate and graduate programs, student financial aid, honors and scholars and campus involvement opportunities. High school students and families should schedule a University overview session to learn about the many academic and co-curricular opportunities at Ohio State.

While you are planning your University visit, you may have the opportunity to attend an academic overview as well. To find out if you have such an option, visit campusvisit.osu.edu. If an academic session is not available on the day of your selected University visit, please call 614.292.1706 to arrange an appointment with a Health and Rehabilitation Sciences advisor on the same day as your University visit. To guarantee an appointment, please call at least a week ahead of your visit. If you call later, there is a greater chance you will not be able to meet with an advisor. 

If you have questions regarding your Advanced Placement or AP credit, please visit this site. Students who will have Post Secondary Credit or Transfer Credit from other colleges can learn more about this type of credit from this website.

Schedule a Tour

The Future Undergraduate Student Website provides helpful information about The Ohio State University. Here you can learn how to schedule a tour of the university, what to expect in your typical daily routine as a student and why our professors are some of the best in the nation. 

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