The Medical Dietetics Program at The Ohio State University offers  three graduate-level programs

The Coordinated Graduate Program combines the coursework with the internship requirements so students are eligible to take the national dietetics registration exam upon graduation.  This program is designed for students who have a degree in a non-dietetics field and would like to pursue a dietitian’s registered-eligible program at the graduate level.
Medical Dietetics also offers a combined masters internship program for dietetics students who have graduated from a didactic program in dietetics. Students can pursue their areas of interest through their masters’ program while continuing their dietetics education. Students are eligible to take the national registration examination upon completion of their graduate degree.
The last program offered by Medical Dietetics is a Master’s degree in clinical nutrition. This degree is specifically designed for the practicing Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to return to school to further their knowledge. Students may select from a variety of courses to augment a degree that investigates critical care nutrition, community nutrition, metabolic disease, and clinical management. 

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