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The Ohio State University has multiple library locations and resources available. Some offer 24-hour access.  For more information about Ohio State University libraries click here.

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Health Sciences Library

The Health Sciences Library is committed to excellence and innovation in the dissemination of health information, including: 
  • Journal Article Databases
  • Library catalogs 
  • Tutorials on basic database search strategies and evaluated websites 
  • Library Services 
  • Online Research and Writing Assistance including an APA Citation Guide.
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Online Resources

Literature Search Engines

  • Search Medline through PubMed (free from anywhere)
  • Search Medline through OhioLink (on-campus only)
  • Search CINAHL through OhioLink (on-campus only)
  • Search SPORT Discus through the OSU Libraries (on-campus only)
  • Search MDConsult through the Prior Health Sciences Library [inclu​des Drug Reference]
  • Search PEDro the Physiotherapy Evidence Database
  • Search Cochrane Reviews for Evidence Based Practice

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Undergraduate Student Graduation

Undergraduate Student Graduation

Below you will find important information regarding undergraduate student graduation. 

Each candidate for the Baccalaureate degree or Certificate of Study must submit an Application to Graduate two semesters in advance to the Office of Student Services in 206 Atwell Hall. Students who are unable to attend the commencement ceremony must fill out a Commencement Excuse Form and return it to the Office of Student Services. 

Graduation Self Check

Students can use online resources to check that all appropriate documents have been submitted and information on file is correct for graduation and participation in the commencement ceremony. 



View the Degree Audit Report online at The name that appears in the upper, left corner of the Audit is the name that is on file with the University and therefore the name that will appear on the diploma. Students who wish to change the name that appears on the audit can complete a change of record form​ and return it to Room 206 Atwell Hall.

Degree and Program/Concentration

The degree that students will receive (Bachelor of Science in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences or Certificate of Study) will appear at the top of the Audit in the center of the page. The program in which the student is enrolled and the concentration (if applicable) will appear under the degree. If this information is incorrect, contact the Office of Student Services in Room 206 Atwell Hall.

Major Requirements

The degree audit report is used to verify that a student has completed all requirements for graduation. Students should verify that all requirements have been or will be completed before graduation. This can be accomplished by confirming that the student will successfully complete all sections of the audit. Students should confirm that all courses still listed as “NEED” will be completed in or before the term in which the student plans to graduate. Students who believe there is an error on the Audit may wish to consult with their faculty adviser and should contact the Office of Student Services.**Please note that Major requirements will be in red due to the semester conversion.  It is recommended that you check with your faculty adviser once a term to ensure all requirements have been met.

Minor Program

All posted minors are listed on the degree audit report. 


Some information can not be verified until the final term of enrollment and will be confirmed in the term in which the student plans to graduate. Students will receive an email at their email address from the Office of Student Services to verify the following information:


Students indicate the hometown which he or she wishes to appear in the Commencement Program on the Application for Graduation. An email will be sent to students in the term in which the student plans to graduate verifying this information. If the Hometown listed is incorrect, the student should contact the Office of Student Services in Room 206 Atwell Hall.


Honors (Latin, Distinction, and Honors in HRS)

Latin Honors (summa com laude, magna cum laude, and cum laude) will be verified in the term in which the student plans to graduate. Additionally, Graduation with Distinction, and Graduation with Honors in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences are determined in the last term of enrollment. An email will be sent to students to verify this information.


Commencement Absence Form

Students who do not plan to attend the Commencement ceremony should complete a Commencement Absence Form found on the Commencement website. The form should be returned to Room 206 Atwell Hall.



The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences along with HRS Student Council invites all spring term graduates (prior Summer and Autumn terms included) and their guests to attend the Pre-Commencement program which is held the day before Spring Commencement. Additional details will be sent to student via email during Spring term.


Commencement Website

Additional information about the commencement ceremony including location, date/time, speaker, and parking instructions can be accessed online at Student and families can learn more about the ceremony on this site. 

Students who have additional questions about graduation and commencement should contact the Office of Student Services in Room 206 Atwell Hall, at 614-292-1706 or

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