Completion of the MS/DI program requires completion of the clinical and academic programs.  The clinical program refers to the assigned internship experiences as well as the 5189, 5289, and 5389 Medical Dietetics courses which do not count towards the Master’s Degree.  The academic program means the completion of the requirements for the Masters of Allied Medicine according to the program sheet.  This includes core courses in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences as well as Medical Dietetics.  There are 30 hours required from the program sheet to complete the Master’s Degree.  Graduation will be approved when the student has finished the Academic and Clinical sections of the program.

Upon graduation, students will receive a Statement of Verification of Program Completion. The program director will submit the class and required information to ACEND to verify eligibility for the Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist examination.  Upon successful completion of the registration exam, practitioners will need to become familiar with and register for State Licensure. At no time are students permitted to use the RDE (Registered Dietitian Eligible) or other acronyms to mislead potential employers or clients about registration status.


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