Graduate Education Costs for the MS/DI program

The updated tuition and fees are found at the Registrar’s Tuition and Fees website. As you can imagine, this page changes each year and posts with each new semester, so you will click on the link to “all other continuing students” link.  Once you reach the fee table, our medical dietetics graduate programs are considered “other programs” at the bottom of the list under the Graduate Programs (not the on-line programs).  Clicking on the “Other programs” link will take you to a pdf of the most current fee schedule per semester for both in-state and out-of-state students.  The MS/DI program is a full time student program (8+ hours) for 4 semesters.  The new model Coordinated Graduate program is also a full time student program for 5 consecutive semesters.

Estimated foreseeable costs include

  • Tuition
  • Housing
    • Depends on location, number of roommates and specifics of rental property. At least $500 per month, more likely $750 per month and up to $1,200 per month in luxury accommodations.
  • Travel
    • Each intern will have one rotation that is about 60 miles from campus.  Interns may be paired for this rotation to ride share if desired. Riding in a car that gets 30 mpg for 8 weeks 4 days per week (32 days) at $2.50 per gallon would total at 320$ for fuel. Sharing this with the other student would be 160$.  Other rotations are much closer to campus and will still cost to travel but would be similar to driving back and forth to school.  Parking rates on campus can be found at the and would typically include a C pass for students at about 370$ for the year.
  • Books
    • Depends on courses taken. Estimated $350 per term.
  • Liability Insurance
    • Included as a full-time student practicing within the scope of program.


Limited scholarship opportunities exist for incoming students through the Graduate School.  If you intend to apply for a fellowship, you should communicate directly with the program director by October 1 of the year preceding matriculation.  The applications are due to the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences by November 1.  View scholarship opportunities at Graduate Fellows website.

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